Emily Fromm, better known as Blossom, is a Phoenix native on her way to global success. This bubbly, pink-haired beauty is equal parts passion and skill, and her energy behind the decks is captivating. Music has always been a huge part of Fromm’s life. She began training viola and violin at age two and continued on to play orchestra for twelve years. “I never thought of music becoming a serious career until I started college in 2012 and went to my first music festival in 2013. I had never been to anything like it and couldn’t believe that other people were listening to the same music that I liked.”

In the Summer of 2015, Blossom attended a three-month beginner’s program at Dubspot in Los Angeles. Shortly after she submitted a DJ mix for our very own Global Dance Festival Arizona. She released her first track, a massive remix of Goldlink’s “Spectrum,” in 2016 and received major support from Dr. Fresch, SayMyName, Two Owls, and more. Her second release, a remix of Rusko’s “Skanker,” was featured in Ghastly’s 2016 Diplo and Friends Mix.

Social Media:

Instagram: @Blossom.DJ

Facebook: @OfficialBlossomDJ

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