Cacao Beach Club

is not just a nightclub, seaside café, bar or spot where you can relax or have fun. Cacao Beach Club combines all these things! The venue is part of the Cacao Beach Complex which is located at the South foreshore of Sunny Beach. The popularity of Cacao Beach Club is the main reason for which the complex is named after it.

The incredible vastness of the club makes you forget everything. The interior of Cacao Beach is wide open towards the sea, with brand new design in white. Besides that the visitor of Cacao has the feeling of comfort and coziness the moment he enters the venue. Cacao Beach Club is a unique oasis of entertainment, created to offer positive emotions to every single customer or to be the imposing decor for memorable music events.

Cacao Beach Club is established in 2003 and is the indisputable symbol of club entertainment at the South seashore of Sunny Beach. Since then it has become rapidly emblematic place for the young, active and freedom-loving people. Also many Bulgarian DJs and musicians launched their professional career here at the seashore. The fun at the shore of Cacao Beach never ends.


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