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Mixing It Up For Over Twenty Years

I was borne into the Club World sin 1980, the first club I went to I was taken by a friend to First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis, MN, I asked her what the club was like she told me it used to be a Greyhound bus depot and had a great sound and light show. I thought to myself how great would this place be if it is in a Greyhound bus depot, the depot in my hometown was a little bigger than a bus. After we got there the outside looked small as I expected but had a line blocks long and it was like 20 below zero, I thought I would freeze to death before I would get in but the girl I went with had us on the guest list so we got

I was in shock it was two stories and had a huge balcony and 10 guys in the DJ booth, I thought this was normal since it was the first club I had been to. I had always loved music and I only thought DJ’s where on the radio, I had never seen a real DJ until that night. On that cold winter night in downtown Minneapolis I knew I was going to be a DJ.

First Avenue and the Seventh Street Entry are still in operation and breaking new artist and music every night, this is where Prince filmed Purple Rain. You can check out First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis MN, they have been open since 1970

A never-ending trail of events and club dates.

I have mixed at just about every type of event out there, I worked at every size club from 80 to 2000 people, the worst sound and light shows and the best. The thing I like most about being a DJ is I never have a night like the one before I get to play new music every week and great people to spin for. I also loved working with artist from call over the world every artist has their own vibe and energy that keeps the world dancing.