Fedde Le Grand LIVE @ Ultra Music Festival Miami 2019

Full tracklist: http://bit.ly/flg-ultramiami2019-tr

Find the exclusives, already released records and special FLG edits in the set below:

[00:01:15] Fedde Le Grand – All Over The World

[00:11:36] Fedde Le Grand – Skank

[00:20:28] Fedde Le Grand vs. Brandon Reeve – Twisted Bosky (Fedde Le Grand Mashup)

[00:25:56] Fedde Le Grand vs. Sebastian Ingrosso – So Much Dark River (Fedde Le Grand Mashup)

[00:34:44] Subshock & Evangelos X Michael White vs Fedde Le Grand – Get Out 4 Detroit (Fedde Le Grand Mashup)

[00:55:01] Fedde Le Grand – Rhythm Of The Night (Club Mix)

[01:15:25] Fedde Le Grand and Dannic vs. Coco Star – Coco’s Miracle

[01:18:41] The Chainsmokers feat. Emily Warren – Side Effects (Fedde Le Grand Remix)

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