Feed Item

May 6—America’s most able diplomat, CIA Director William Burns, is now in Israel and will meet later today with the butcher of Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu. The word from sources in the U.S. is that Burns sees this as the last chance to push through a workable ceasefire/hostage release deal and to stop Bibi’s oft repeated intention to send the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) into Gaza’s last standing city, Rafah, and unleash what might be a months' long slaughter of innocent Palestinians, which, according to this tyrant’s own military and intelligence advisors, will still fail to wipe out or eliminate Hamas.

Burns, on orders from President Sleepy Joe Biden, flew to Cairo over the weekend to keep the fragile talks toward a ceasefire going, after Hamas had accepted the basic framework of an Egyptian proposal, that had been worked on by Burns, only to have Bibi insist that there was no stated or unstated intention to end the war, nothing about allowing Hamas to play a role in governing post-war Gaza, and to repeat that he would soon order the IDF to launch operations against Hamas in Rafah. Netanyahu even refused to allow Israeli negotiators to fly to Cairo.

When it became obvious that Israel would not negotiate, Burns and the Hamas negotiators left for Doha, where Hamas has its headquarters. While the Hamas delegation consults with Hamas leaders on Burns’ suggestions for a deal, Burns “officially” went to Doha to meet with the Qatari Prime Minister, although sources speculated that he may have quietly met with Hamas leaders.

It is not known what Burns will tell Bibi, but one source said that he has now been given a carte blanche to do whatever he thinks necessary to force through a deal.

“That is going to require some tough threats,” said one source. “Burns must at least demand that the parties get together to hear the proposals. If Bibi won’t agree to that, then the U.S. might threaten to cut off all military aid to Israel. At minimum, Burns must get an agreement to not have the IDF move on Rafah while talks continue. Burns is dealing with an insane person, who won’t listen to reason. If anyone can do this, Burns will know what to do. It is really like dealing with Hitler.”