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March 31—Today, on Easter Sunday, Diane Sare, LaRouche Independent candidate for U.S. Senate in New York issued the following statement:

On March 29, 2002, Lyndon LaRouche delivered a powerful message, "Easter, A Time for Reflection."

"On the Isle of Capri, the Octavian who was later enthroned as the Emperor Augustus, sealed a pact with the priests of Mithra. Through aid of that pact, he overturned the reign of Mark Antony and Cleopatra, and established the evil which was the Roman Empire. During his reign, Jesus Christ was born. It became the pleasure of Augustus' adopted successor, the Emperor Tiberius, also at Capri, to receive the news of his agent's, Pontius Pilate's judicial murder of Christ.

"Augustus and Tiberius have had many imitators in modern times...."

And so they have. President Biden, who claims to be a Christian of the Catholic persuasion, chose Maundy Thursday to hold an obscene fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall, where millionaires, blind to the suffering of the world, paid up to $500,000 per seat, which I am happy to have at least briefly disrupted.

But Biden is not the only imitator of the bloody Roman emperors. We have Macron, King Charles, Netanyahu, Zelinsky, and a gaggle of self-righteous billionaires in the City of London and Wall Street who believe that they can impose their perverse agenda on the rest of humanity, but they will not prevail, any more than Tiberius or Nero, or Netanyahu's hero Genghis Khan did, if we act now.

LaRouche continues,

"My message to you is this; to achieve a sublime result, you must let yourself be inspired by a sublime thought, and combine that thought, as Jeanne d'Arc did, with the will to risk whatever that sublime intention demands of you.

"On this occasion, you should focus your attention upon the great work of Johann Sebastian Bach, in his Passion of St. John, and, most notably, the Passion of St. Matthew. These musical services for Easter-time were intended for the participation of the congregation and musicians, to enable them better to relive the sublime experience of Christ's own passion. This treatment by Bach is outstanding for the power with which it conveys the clearest and most loving message any Christian could be capable of delivering to any people, of any profession, in these terrible times, in any part of the world today..."

Rembrandt-- Christ and St Mary at the Tomb, 1638

And so, I wish all of you a joyous Easter, and a beautiful day of reflection, whatever your faith may be, that we each find the strength within to act for the good.