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June 9—This year’s commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the June 6 D-Day landings of the allied invasion force along the coast of Normandy France that helped to free Europe from Nazi occupation was turned into a NATO pep rally for its losing war in Ukraine against Russia, whose great human sacrifice and the efforts of the Red Army made the defeat of Nazi Germany possible.

There were no Russians invited to the ceremony, where speakers inveighed against the imaginary threat posed to all of Europe by the alleged imperial designs of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The pathetic U.S. President “Sleepy Joe” Biden, who could be seen looking for a chair to sit in that was not there, and France’s pompous braying jackass, President Emmanuel Macron, pledged, in the name of those who died to liberate Europe from the Nazis, to stand with their proxies in Ukraine to defeat and drive out the Russian “invaders,” in a war that has been lost at a horrible cost of nearly 700,000 Ukrainian soldiers.

Such anti-Russian words were greeted with a request for even greater support from the NATO allies by the sock puppet punk leader of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who now rules by decree, after cancelling elections and proclaiming eternal martial law. Zelenskyy’s presidential term expired May 20, and according to Ukraine’s constitution, he has no authority to do what he is doing.

“You must stand with us,” said Emperor Zelenskyy, who had been welcomed to France in a ceremony at the Paris tomb of another tyrant of short stature, Napoleon Bonaparte. “If you fail us,” he said both in Normandy on June 6, then a day later before a cheering mob before the French Assembly, “you will lose all of Europe to Putin. But you will not fail us,” he said, thanking the French nation. Back home, Zelenskyy’s biggest supporters are the members of the savage pro-Nazi militias, like the notorious Azov Battalion.

That same day, also in Paris, the world witnessed the spectacle of the pathetic Sleepy Joe Biden apologizing to the sock-puppet NATO-asset Zelenskyy for failing for nearly half a year to deliver to Ukraine a promised $100 billion new aid package and advanced weapons systems. “But now we are on track,” Biden told the smiling sock puppet. By now safely ensconced in a chair, Biden announced yet another $225 million aid package, to repair the “electric grid,” which seemed to puzzle Zelenskyy. A Biden aide later clarified that what the permanently befuddled President meant was that the package would help repair radar and air defense systems.

Biden was much clearer early in the week when he made it known that he had approved the use of American weapons to strike targets outside of Ukraine, including in areas now part of the Russian Federation, such as Crimea; and military targets in the Russian homeland, although not either deep in Russia or unrelated the war in Ukraine. Two days ago, a residential area in Luhansk was hit, killing Russian civilians, according to Russian authorities in the area, while Ukraine also showed photos of a supposed hit on a Russian SU-57 fighter jet at the Akhtubinsk airfield over 300 miles inside Russia. In both cases, U.S. built ATACMS surface-to-surface missile systems provided to Ukraine were used.

President Putin stated that since such weapon system requires programming and sophisticated satellite radar guidance which Ukraine does not possess and cannot operate, it is in fact NATO and the United States that are carrying out these attacks that have also hit two of Russia’s early-warning over-the-horizon radar installations; those installations are designed to provide an alert of a nuclear ballistic missile attack, and are not relevant to the war in Ukraine, but are relevant to war against Russia. And, where did Ukraine get the satellite photos of their claimed hit on the Russian aircraft?

President Putin reiterated this week that Russia reserves the right to retaliate against such attacks on the Russian homeland with attacks on NATO countries and their forces, both inside and outside Ukraine.

Only a handful of U.S. veterans are alive today who participated in the Normandy landing in 1944. A few of them made the trans-Atlantic trip to be present for the commemoration this year. They know how Europe was saved by their sacrifices. They know of the role and great sacrifices suffered by the USSR and the the Red Army in that effort.

Biden and clowns like Macron, who have never themselves served in a war, by ignoring the real history, are plunging the world closer to a future conflagration that so many fought and died to prevent.