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Feb. 7—Talk show host Tucker Carlson announced yesterday that he was in Moscow to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin. He said that it was enormously important, because the entire world system is being wholly transformed and the truth about the nature of the transformation is being withheld from the public. Not only has the war in Ukraine led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and depopulated the largest country in Europe, but also the sanctions have upended the entire world economic and financial system. The post-World War II world is coming apart, he said, and most Americans have no idea of what is really going on. These developments will shape the world for our children and grandchildren, and most people in the English-speaking world are not aware of the implications.

Therefore, Carlson, who was fired from Fox News, despite having the number one rated news commentary show on television right after he broadcast an interview with the former Capitol Police chief, who claimed that the so-called insurrection of Jan. 6, 2021 was orchestrated and infiltrated with federal agents, decided that he must interview the Russian leader. He had attempted to do this earlier, he noted, but it was sabotaged by the Biden authorities who didn’t want it to happen. They attempted again this time, but he decided to go to Moscow anyway. Carlson also said that he had put in a request to interview Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Most of Zelenskyy’s previous “interviews” were simply government-supported calls for U.S. support to the war in Ukraine. He has of yet received no response from the Ukraine's NATO puppet President.

The car that was carrying Tucker Carlson on his foray in Moscow was seen Feb. 6 leaving the Presidential Administration buildings and loading camera equipment in the car. While Western media have largely boycotted Putin’s statements and speeches, an interview with the Russian leader by the controversial former Fox commentator will be widely watched. Something of a “media frenzy” has erupted, both in the West and in Russia, ever since Carlson landed in Russia.

Carlson assured the entire interview, “shot to tape and unedited,” will be available for free on Tucker Carlson’s website, and he further thanked Elon Musk for having guaranteed that the interview will not be “suppressed or blocked” once Carlson posts on Musk's X platform, where Carlon has a daily, widely viewed podcast.

The last person to interview Putin like this was renowned filmmaker Oliver Stone, who did a four-hour interview with the Russian leader in 2017 that was broadcast on Showtime. Stone, who allowed Putin, who asked probing question about history and culture, as well as about current history and Russian policy and views on the West, was denounced by the media establishment hacks as a Putin apologist, which some of the same types are already accusing Carlson of being, in advance of the interview.