Janet Phelan

    Janet Phelan is the author of Exile and The Hitler Poems, a well-known American investigative journalist of integrity who has brought us such groundbreaking stories as Patriot-Act permitted US violations of the international Biological Conventions Act and pointed clearly to non-consensual human experimentation ongoing currently in the United States of America, where she also exposed the “whitewash” of Obama’s Presidential Bioethics Commission, which listened in 2011 to dozens of Americans testifying (out of hundreds waiting to testify) to the criminal, covert use of electromagnetic/neurological weapons on their person yet refused to act–a story also covered by this writer here, reports currently that the Inter American Commission on Human Rights is still ignoring a request for protection she filed with them over a year ago.

    Forced to flee the United States in concern for her own safety after experiencing intensive retaliation and discrimination including assault with chemical weapons succeeding her exposure of public corruption and the murder of her mother–investigating which she uncovered many legal cases of abuse in the case of guardianship of the elderly in the US–she was subjected to similar retaliatory and harassive activities in her abode in Mexico.

    In the current atmosphere of mainstream media non-reportage and lack of investigative journalism at even the most respected of US newspapers and magazines (or perhaps I should say once-respected), the extraordinary contributions made by Ms. Phelan to our increasing awareness of rights-curtailment and retaliation against whistleblowers, activists, and caregivers in the United States and worldwide must not be ignored.

    As Katherine Hine reports, in her expansive book review of Exile, Janet Phelan has stepped well beyond mere reportage to alert and act on behalf of all Americans and all humanity.

    Her latest book, available from Amazon is 

    At the Breaking Point of History: How Decades of U.S. Duplicity Enabled the Pandemic

    This is one of the articles she wrote about the US government’s lies on biological weapons entitled “Lies, Damnable Lies, and Downright Dangerous Lies”


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