Law enforcement

Speir Digital Inc. runs a global network that provides security and performance enhancements for Internet-facing websites and applications around the world. Speir Digital Inc. cannot remove content from the Internet that it does not host, and we generally do not collect or keep information regarding the end-users of websites using our services. In responding to the narrow set of law enforcement requests for which we do have responsive information, it is not Speir Digital Inc.’s intent to make law enforcement’s job any harder … or easier.

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DJ Speir has been a DJ for some of the hottest clubs in the United States, and at the age of fifty-seven is currently ranked #365 (2018) for the people's choice and has ranked in the top 100 Dubstep (2017) and 300 Progressive House (2017) DJs in the world on The DJ List. In 2008 DJ Speir started building his first music streaming website featuring his audio mixes. DJ Speir started mixing music videos in the early eighties at Sylvia's on Cedar in downtown St. Paul Minnesota and is still mixing videos today. With the launch of Netflix's movie streaming service, he saw the opportunity to take his video mixes to the global market. The first video streaming site www.Speir.TV was launched in 2011 and by 2013 Speir.TV was streaming live video mixes to people all over the world.