Monstercat prides itself in supporting rising electronic artists from around the globe. With singles charting at #1 Worldwide on Beatport and albums hitting #1

on iTunes’ Dance charts in over 16 countries, we’re proving that independent labels have the ability to reshape the music industry landscape.


In July 2011, Mike Darlington, James Leusink and Ari Paunonen created the Monstercat Media YouTube channel to serve as a medium to promote their friends and their music. The label signs artists on a single-track basis, allowing them to move between labels and brands without an exclusive contract. Darlington and Paunonen were later responsible for the creation of the label’s uniform compilation albums. Once Monstercat has released approximately thirty consecutive tracks, a new compilation album is created with these tracks along with two continuous mixes.

In early 2014, Monstercat launched their hour-long podcast, Call of The Wild, (formerly called the Monstercat Podcast before May 16, 2017) which streams live on Twitch weekly. Later that year, they launched a 24-hour digital radio station hosted on Twitch. The label has since expanded their live podcast and digital radio station to other services including Beam, Facebook and YouTube.

On June 6, 2017, Monstercat announced a partnership with Psyonix to help promote the two year anniversary of Rocket League with the release of Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 1, an 18-song album from various artists whom had songs signed to Monstercat previously including Slushii, Aero Chord and Vicetone. The album is set to release on July 5, 2017.

On June 14, 2017, Monstercat announced their own TV channel, Monstercat TV, on the television platform Pluto TV.

As of June 2017, Monstercat’s YouTube channel has over 6 million subscribers and 1.6 billion views. The record label continues to release a new single three times per week.

Monstercat has called for reform of copyright law to allow musicians to more freely include samples of other musician’s recordings in their work.



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