Nicky Romero – Ultra Miami 2018

HOT! HOT! HOT! Yes, HOT!!!!!!! Miami is a hot city. Ultra is a hot festival. Nicky Romero is a hot DJ. In fact, the Dutch DJ teamed up with audio loudspeaker company JBL to fly one lucky winner and a friend from the United States to Ultra Music Festival’s home city and full accommodations. To top it all off, the winner and a friend were able to meet Romero in front of approximately 165,000 screaming festival goers.

Romero had the crowd pumpin and jumpin for his entire one hour set. Plus, it was during the daytime, and that is always a different experience from the nighttime sets. But whatever was “missed” with full lighting and pyrotechnics was made up for with Romero’s fresh set. Don’t get me wrong, there was lighting and fire, but it’s different during the day.
This DJ jumps around to different tracks a lot and had the fans on their feet wondering what’s next. As you will see from the playlist link above, he took us all on a journey that was typical Nick Romero and full of him interacting with the crowd via microphone and standing on top the DJ booth. What I enjoyed about this set was that Romero put the pedal to the metal and then slowed things down, and we were glad because it was sunny and warm, to almost give the crowd a much needed break from the beats and then back to warp speed.
Romero has earned his stellar reputation and will surely continue to impressive his fans from around the world.