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Beneath the Floor Boards

{The New York Times}, the self-proclaimed newspaper of record of the Anglo-American establishment has on its masthead, the pompous statement: All the news that's fit to print.  It should read: All the news that fits what we want you to know, we print.

In this fast-changing world, it is not just what you know that can do you great harm if it is false, but also what you don't know, or more precisely, what the ruling establishment does not want you to know or even consider. What we publish here is precisely that—what the Anglo-American establishment does not what you to consider, because it runs contrary to their scripts for reality. Such "news" might cause you to think for yourself, and that is dangerous to an establishment that clings to power on the basis of its ability to manipulate people's perceptions.

So what we present here you are not likely to see anywhere else, at least not all in one place. It is not the news that is "fit" (what does that even mean, and who determines it?), or what fits into Pidgeon-holed views of reality. For these troubled times, it is we believe, what you need to know, but which no one wants you to know. Then, we let you draw your own conclusions and make your own informed choices about what you think. We don't tell you what or how to think but merely urge you to think, for yourself. So, check it out. It is often raw and unfiltered, but it is, we believe:  The World, As It Really Is...

Feel free to send us your comments, suggestions of what you want to find out that we have not covered. Stay engaged.