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Project London

One of London's most exclusive nightlife venues, Project London, in conjunction with LA based Boulevard Nightlife Group

is proud to announce its next venture, Project Los Angeles. The highly anticipated concept promises an interactive social experience with an emphasis on friendly, all-inclusive fun, wild, outlandish, yet mesmerizing plethora of avant garde performances.

Award winning global Architectural powerhouse, Gensler, has been commissioned to bring to life the space formerly inhabited by Roxbury, the 80s nightclub immortalized by the cult classic movie, A Night at the Roxbury. Joining Gensler in this exciting project is experimental visual arts studio V Squared Labs, headed by creative mastermind and industry guru Vello Virkhaus.

Project Club Los Angeles will be the first permanent nightlife venture for both companies. We want to immerse our guests in that kind of fun you have when you have no cares in the world, we want our guests to completely forget all their cares and worries, their past and future, and for the time they are with us, just exist in the NOW, in the present, says Freddy Braidi, Managing Partner for Boulevard Nightlife Group. Mounair Badaan & Jordan Rocca, Founders and Managing Partners for Project London chime in.

We believe in providing prompt and exceptional service for our guests, we want to fully anticipate their needs and wants before they do, and welcome them with open arms so they feel they are at their best friend?s home.? It?s not going to be all fun and games at Project. In an industry first, Project Los Angeles will donate 2% of each bill to a charity. Project LA plans on donating to 12 pre selected charities or charitable organizations each year (one per month).

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