Refund Policy


Speir.TV Refund policy

Speir.TV is always FREE for everyone, our ad supported experience allows you full access to everything except premium content.

Paid Upgrades

You can unsubscribe at any time before your next payment is due (otherwise there are no refunds for any reasons). The fee enables the passionate web builders, designers and music lovers keep the framework, graphics and technology of Spier.TV operating at the optimum level, so your experience is one the most incredible and enjoyable adventures in music.

Updated 05-28-2019

Ready for Action?

Ready for Action?
Experience the thrilling new dimensions and heart pounding evolution of mainstream and culturally diverse music/video streaming. Playing 24/7 all around the globe, "Drive Music Evolution” delivers multi-genre (EDM, Pop, Circuit Party Remixes, Latin & Hip-Hop) streams of well known, rarely heard and many “first time released” remixes, thanks to our elite and exclusive relationships. Join the party today!
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