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Mission Statement for The Speir BlockChain

In the dynamic world of events and venues, The Speir BlockChain is your key to unlocking an unparalleled experience. Seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge Facial Recognition and Biometrics services, we are redefining the event landscape by offering swift, secure, and hassle-free entry. Our technology empowers event organizers and venues to craft unforgettable experiences, all while prioritizing security and personal choice. Join us in revolutionizing event management, one efficient and secure entry at a time.

Product Offering: SpeirPass™ by The Speir BlockChain


SpeirPass™ is the ultimate event management solution powered by The Speir BlockChain technology. Designed to offer a seamless, secure, and efficient experience for both event-goers and organizers, SpeirPass™ integrates state-of-the-art Facial Recognition and Biometrics services. With SpeirPass™, say goodbye to long queues and hello to a world of streamlined event experiences.


  1. Swift Entry: Utilize Facial Recognition for quick and secure entry, reducing bottlenecks and wait times.
  2. Enhanced Security: Government-issued ID verification adds an extra layer of security, ensuring a safe environment for all attendees.
  3. Seamless Ticketing: Integrated with point-of-sale (POS) systems, SpeirPass™ allows for easy ticket purchases, VIP table reservations, and more, all in one platform.
  4. VIP Experience: RFID wristbands and biometric sensor integration for multiple VIP levels and entrances, ensuring a premium experience for VIP guests.
  5. Effortless Payments: Make purchases within the event using RFID wristbands and biometric sensors, reducing wait times at bars and concession stands.
  6. Opt-In Convenience: Choose whether to utilize Facial Recognition and Biometrics services, offering flexibility and respect for personal choice.


  1. Basic SpeirPass™: Includes Swift Entry and Seamless Ticketing.
  2. SpeirPass™ Plus: Includes all Basic features, plus Enhanced Security and Effortless Payments.
  3. SpeirPass™ VIP: Includes all Plus features, plus VIP Experience and priority customer support.
  4. SpeirPass™ Enterprise: Customizable package for large venues and festivals, includes all VIP features and dedicated account management.


  • Basic SpeirPass™: $9.99 per event
  • SpeirPass™ Plus: $14.99 per event
  • SpeirPass™ VIP: $29.99 per event
  • SpeirPass™ Enterprise: Contact for custom pricing

Embrace the Future:

Step into the future of event management with SpeirPass™ by The Speir BlockChain. Experience the difference between a truly integrated, secure, and efficient event solution.

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Speir BlockChain Managed Services (SBMS) Extended Product Guide1. IntroductionAs the digital horizon continues to evolve, the essence of blockchain in shaping the new business paradigm is undeniable. Speir Blockchain Managed Services (SBMS), a cornerstone in this transformation, offers a comprehensive bridge for businesses aiming to merge the benefits of blockchain with their operational strategies. Relying on the formidable foundation of Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) Hyperledger Fabric, SBMS is a testament to advanced, yet accessible, blockchain integration.2. Comprehensive FeaturesHybrid Blockchain Access: SBMS unlocks a realm where public and private blockchains coalesce, offering businesses a tailored environment for their specific requirements.Configurable Infrastructure: With SBMS, enterprises can opt between shared, multi-tenant blockchain access or dedicated nodes, accommodating both scale and sensitivity of operations.Deployment Mastery: Sidestep the intricacies of blockchain initiation and enjoy a seamless setup of your private network, all under the expertise of SBMS.Guaranteed Availability: Harness the power of AWS Management Console through SBMS to guarantee minimal downtime, ensuring business continuity.Network Customization: SBMS's agility molds to your business needs, be it sprawling consortiums or intimate developmental networks.Expanded Collaboration: Beyond intra-business operations, SBMS facilitates a collaborative ecosystem, inviting multi-organizational synergies on a shared platform.3. Unique BenefitsIntuitive Interaction: SBMS's interface is crafted keeping both the tech aficionado and the novice in mind, democratising access to blockchain's capabilities.Dynamic Scalability: SBMS, powered by AMB, ensures that as your business horizon expands, your blockchain capabilities move in tandem, always ahead of demand.Impenetrable Security Framework: AMB's fortifications, combined with blockchain's inherent security, make SBMS a veritable fortress for your data.Economic Excellence: SBMS champions cost-effectiveness. Its shared infrastructure model, along with AWS's competitive edge, ensures that businesses maximize value.4. Potential Use CasesEducation: Authenticate certificates and academic records, ensuring credibility and instant verification.Logistics: Trace shipments in real-time, ensuring transparency and efficiency in the supply chain.Financial Services: Drive transparent, secure, and quick transactions, removing intermediaries and enhancing customer trust.Public Services: Create incorruptible public records, from birth certificates to licenses, ensuring transparency and ease of access.Agriculture: Trace food from farm to table, guaranteeing quality and sustainability.5. Integration & SupportThe true might of SBMS lies in its ability to merge effortlessly with existing operational frameworks. Beyond mere integration, the SBMS team stands by its commitment to unparalleled support, ensuring every hiccup is addressed promptly, and every potential is realized.6. Looking Ahead with SBMSWith SBMS, you're not just investing in the present. You're anchoring your business in a future where blockchain will redefine operational norms. The agility and forward-thinking design of SBMS ensures your business remains future-compatible, ready to embrace forthcoming innovations in blockchain.7. Conclusion & RecommendationEmbracing the future means being a step ahead. With Speir Blockchain Managed Services (SBMS), you're not just taking that step; you're leapfrogging into a realm where innovation meets operation. In this convergence of the modern business ethos and cutting-edge technology, let SBMS be your guiding light, illuminating pathways to success and sustainability.Demystifying Blockchain: The Power of Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) Networks, Members, and Peer NodesIntroduction by SBMS:In the evolving world of blockchain technology, there's an ever-present need for reliable and scalable solutions. Speir Blockchain Managed Services (SBMS) is at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge solutions, and today, we provide you with a deep dive into the Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) ecosystem. As your trusted partner in the blockchain journey, SBMS simplifies, accelerates, and enriches your blockchain experience.8. Understanding AMB Networks: A SBMS PerspectiveBlockchain technology, with its decentralized design, has the potential to disrupt traditional systems. At SBMS, we've taken our expertise and coupled it with the robust infrastructure of AMB to give you unparalleled blockchain solutions.8.1 Network Structure and ComponentsNetworks: Our team at SBMS leverages the AMB framework to design decentralized P2P environments tailored for your needs.Members: SBMS helps integrate unique identities or members into the network, ensuring seamless interaction and transaction capabilities.Peer Nodes: With SBMS's guidance, setting up and managing peer nodes becomes a breeze. These nodes are essential for transaction endorsements and ledger storage.SBMS, in collaboration with AMB, ensures all components are seamlessly integrated, offering a smooth and hassle-free blockchain experience.8.2 Creation and Maintenance with SBMSWith SBMS at your side, initiating a Hyperledger Fabric network on AMB becomes intuitive. Our experts guide you through selecting the appropriate AMB edition, understanding costs, and ensuring that the network is optimized for longevity and performance.8.3 Democracy in Network Operations: SBMS Ensures TransparencyBlockchain is all about decentralization and democracy. SBMS emphasizes this by facilitating a transparent and consensus-driven environment for network changes on AMB.8.4 Role of Peer Nodes: SBMS's ExpertiseOur team at SBMS not only helps you understand the importance of peer nodes but also ensures their efficient management. From storage solutions to transaction endorsements, our tailored services ensure optimal performance.8.5 Identifying and Connecting Resources: SBMS's AssuranceUnique IDs, endpoints, secure network access — the technicalities can be overwhelming. But with SBMS, you get clarity. We ensure that all resources are correctly identified, integrated, and secured, offering peace of mind.Conclusion by SBMS:At Speir Blockchain Managed Services (SBMS), our mission is to bring you to the forefront of blockchain technology. Partnering with AMB, we promise unparalleled services, expert guidance, and continuous support in your blockchain journey. Together, we envision a decentralized future, driven by innovation and trust.