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The hottest gateway to your Ultra HD Live Video Streaming. Experience the thrilling new dimensions and heart pounding evolution of mainstream and culturally diverse music/video live streaming offered today.

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Take your live streaming event to the next level with SpeirTV's Ultra HD OTT Live Streaming Platform
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Submit your songs, sets and music events to us to be reviewed and possibly featured on the SpeirTV website, Music News Blast, OTT Apps and Partner websites. We are also looking for great music for our live streaming sets on SpeirTV. 

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Reach a wide range of connected devices.

 SpeirTV  makes it easy to package and distribute your content to a broad range of video playback devices, including web players, smart phones, game consoles, tablets, and connected TVs.

Advanced video experiences and content protection.

SpeirTV  lets you configure a DVR-like experience for viewers of your live stream. It offers support for a range of digital rights management (DRM) providers, supports advanced audio features, and multi-language subtitle tracks.

Built-in scalability and reliability

SpeirTV  scales automatically as the audience for your video grows. It automatically manages resources across multiple Availability Zones, and monitors their health, so that any potential issues are detected and resolved without disrupting your live video stream.

Easy integration with other SpeirTV cloud services

SpeirTV is built to work with Amazon CloudFront CDN for global distribution and with  live encoding to form a complete solution for live video processing and delivery. Integration with The SpeirTV Dashboard it  gives you real-time monitoring and notifications.

Comprehensive Output Formats 

Deliver video content to the maximum number of viewers on multiple playback devices. SpeirTV  supports the standards and formats commonly used to stream video, including a range of MPEG-DASH implementations, Smooth Streaming (MSS), and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) with MPEG-2 Transport streams or Common Media Application Format (CMAF) fragmented MP4, to reach a maximum number of devices and viewers.

Flexible Video Content Protection 

Apply just-in-time content protection to secure your video assets. SpeirTV lets you protect your streams by integrating with multiple Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies. The right content protection is selected based on the capabilities of each playback device. Protection capabilities are standards-based, including support for Apple FairPlay, Widevine, and Microsoft PlayReady using AES-128 encryption.

High-Availability Architecture Built-in resiliency and automatic scalability for video workflows

SpeirTV  automatically scales based on the incoming stream requests you receive. SpeirTV has a built-in origin shield and cache for reliable performance without errors when accessed directly by one or more CDNs, and is designed for high reliability with distributed resources across multiple SpeirTV Availability Zones. 

Use Independently or with other SpeirTV Media Services, or deploy on its own

As one of the SpeirTV Media Services, you can choose to use SpeirTV's Ultra HD Streaming Package as a standalone service or integrate it with SpeirTV services for live video encoding, VOD processing, ad personalization and monetization, or media-optimized storage. Additionally, other SpeirTV services, such as our Global CDN, offer seamless interoperability with all SpeirTV Streaming services.

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Experience the thrilling new dimensions and heart pounding evolution of mainstream and culturally diverse music/video streaming. Playing 24/7 all around the globe, "Drive Music Evolution” delivers multi-genre (EDM, Pop, Circuit Party Remixes, Latin & Hip-Hop) streams of well known, rarely heard and many “first time released” remixes, thanks to our elite and exclusive relationships. Join the party today!
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