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SpeirTransit VIP Event Shuttle Your Key to Efficient,

Luxurious, and Eco-Friendly Event Travel To EDCLV 2024

Introducing the SpeirTransit VIP Event Shuttle, a groundbreaking bus service revolutionizing event travel.

Designed for attendees of major events like EDCLV 2024, our service offers a seamless, comfortable, and secure journey from

Downtown Phoenix to the Las Vegas Strip. Our unique integration of The Speir Blockchain technology ensures a smooth, hassle-free experience for every traveler.

Guaranteed Seats, Personalized Welcome Kits,

On-Board Entertainment, Beverages, and Snacks, more details below.

Limited seating that varies per bus, bookings coming soon.

Please note Speir and InterQ are not connected to the events or venues and only provide VIP Transportation Services to and from the events or venues