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AIPAC’s Financial Thug Tactics Against Congressman Bowman

June 23—According to a report by AdImpact, already $23 million has been spent, and as much as $25 million will be the total spending, by the  June 25  Democratic Primary in New York’s 16th Congressional District in an effort spearheaded by the support organization for genocidal government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, the American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC) efforts to silence and unseat a Netanyahu critic Rep Jamaal Bowman (D). The vast majority of this money comes from outside the district. Very little of this cash comes from local constituents, and the top funder is AIPAC’s Super Pac, United Democracy Project, which has already spent $14.5 million to Bowman (however, usually not mentioned is that besides its Super Pac money, AIPAC was also able to bundle an additional $2.4 million directly into the campaign of his opponent of West Chester County Executive George Latimer). The second big spender is a crypto-currency lobby, “FairShake,” which has spent $2 million, and Democratic Majority for Israel has spent $1 million. In terms of the actual campaign accounts, Bowman has raised $4.3 million to Latimer’s $5.7 million.

The airwaves are saturated with ads at a spending rate of $17,000 per hour for mostly attack ads claiming that Bowman is a “pariah” for not giving total support to President "Sleepy Joe" Biden. AIPAC is primarily concerned with Bowman’s anit-Netanyahu, por-ceasefire in Gaza positions, yet the main ads against him never mention Israel, except, apparently, a few highly targeted ads on the internet and in mailings.

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