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Behind Putin’s Peace Plan

June 21—Last week, on the eve of the fake Summit on Peace in Ukraine organized by the U.S. State Department in Switzerland to validate the continued rule of its sock puppet President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy and to support his non-workable proposal to end NATO’s losing war against Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered his own very workable peace plan that exchanges land for an end to the war, and a guarantee of a sovereign but non-aligned Ukraine.

Some silly Western analysts have claimed that Putin was just being clever, to throw something up against the Swiss meeting, to which Emperor Volodymyr I, who rules now under a martial law decree, after his constitutional term expired May 20, with his usual bombastic flourish, declared that he would not invite the Russians.

But such analysis is trivial, and ignores out of stupidity or worse,  with deliberate deception, the real game that Putin is playing: The reality is that it is the Russians and not the global imperialists of NATO and the U.S., who are already dictating the terms of a coming peace deal. And it is going to come, to the great chagrin of the fools clustered around the dithering old man who is President of the United States, “Sleepy Joe” Biden, and despite the fulsome rejections of Putin’s proposal by the U.S., its NATO allies, and their sock puppet Zelenskyy.

Putin laid out his plan, which we have reported elsewhere already, with the knowledge that there have been secret negotiations taking place between the Russian military and their counterparts in the Armed Forces of the Ukraine on precisely the land-for-peace outline presented by Putin. Sources report that Zelenskyy does not have the power to stop what is going on, and has thrown some rug-chewing fits over the talks, which have been underway in fits and starts for most of this year.

These sources say that key leaders in Ukraine’s high command know that the war was lost almost from the beginning, or at least from the time that the Russian invasion force was configured to its proper, larger size about 6 months into the “special military operation.” They report that those who had advised Putin to launch his operation Feb. 22, 2023 with a force much too small for the job of securing the eastern provinces of Ukraine and its Russian-speaking population from attacks, especially involving the Nazi militias of the then Azov Battalion and similar Waffen SS-type units, have been removed from their positions.

Sources here say the Russians had been blind-sided by false intelligence about the state of the Ukrainian forces. The fact is that for some time NATO had been training and arming the Armed Forces of Ukraine for war with the Russians. It was that planted false information from NATO and the U.S., that was responsible for the initial higher than expected casualty rates in the Russian Army ranks. Despite false claims from the NATO propaganda machine to the contrary, more reliable sources say that those rates have since gone down.

In offering his peace plan before the world, President Putin was also making it known that he would accept a formula based on land for peace. In addition, Putin has let it be known through emissaries that Russia is willing to adjust the borders of what were formerly eastern provinces of Ukraine, that have since joined the Russian Federation; he has also indicated that he has secured assurances that the BRICS economic alliance, of which Russia is part and which has access to massive resources in material, manpower, and capital, that it will play a major role in the post-war reconstruction effort.

Not publicly stated, sources report, is Putin’s willingness to allow for Ukraine to choose its own leadership and run its own affairs, without either Russian or NATO interference; he would even accept Zelenskyy as President, should the Ukrainian people freely elect him, although he doubts they will; Putin has pointedly remarked that Zelenskyy is no longer Ukraine’s President under its constitution and is ruling by what is an illegal decree.

Sources say that the two sides are close to an agreement that could result in the ceasefire and and end to the war. They say once that is announced, there could be a large real peace conference with both parties present to hammer out the deal’s implementation and final terms. “But meanwhile this horrible war and the slaughter along its front lines will stop,” said the source.

“That cease-fire, will also bring to a halt the dangerously insane provocations and attacks on the Russian homeland that Zelenskyy’s people proudly take credit for but which Putin knows and has publicly said are carried out and directed by NATO, which already has significant numbers of personnel on the ground inside Ukraine," the source continued.

“With almost every sentient analyst acknowledging the total failure of the Swiss farce,” the source continued, “the hope now is for these up-to-now secret talks to succeed and that we can finally get to working out an end to the confrontation, which NATO and its assets in Ukraine want to continue, but which continuance no longer serves anyone else’s interest.”

Will Zelenskyy go along with this? He had better, even if it's in a transitional sense. If he can’t swallow it, maybe a U.S. helicopter can wisk him and his wife Olena away to a secure compound in the Hamptons or, better, Hollywood, where he could be helped to resume his career as a TV comedian. Who knows? It’s a far better choice for him than what the people of Ukraine might consider.

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