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China and Russia Issue Their ‘Joint Statement’ To Integrate Policy, Economies, Culture, World Development

May 22—On the evening of May 16, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin spent several hours in informal discussion in Zhongnanhai, enjoying tea and walking on the grounds of the former imperial garden, located adjacent to the Forbidden Palace in Beijing. Among other matters, they discussed physical economic development and Ukraine.

Xi and Putin issued that day the “Joint Statement between the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation on Deepening the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Coordination for a New Era on the Occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations Between the Two Countries.” This 8,000-word document  overflows with projects and proposals, and lays out concrete integration of Chinese-Russian policy, physical economy, culture, connectivity, and a high degree of coordination of military policy.

It elaborates concretely the policy of their Feb. 4, 2022 Joint Statement of Russia and the People’s Republic of China on International Relations Entering a New Era, which develops the drive for Chinese-Russian coordination, and the creation of what must become a new world economic order.

Near its beginning, the document states: “The two sides emphasized that the development of a comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination between China and Russia in the new era is in line with the fundamental interests of the two countries and their peoples, is not a stopgap measure, is not affected by a temporary event, and has strong endogenous driving force and independent value.” It stresses that the two countries are ruled by true international law, and that “neo-colonialism and hegemonism completely go against the trend of the times.”

We provide machine-translated selections from the document, currently only available in Chinese.

China and Russia, it says, will:

“• Continue to expand the scale of bilateral trade, optimize the trade structure, deepen cooperation in the fields of service trade, e-commerce, digital economy, and sustainable development, and jointly maintain the stability and security of the industrial and supply chains.

“• Continuously improve the level of investment cooperation between the two countries, jointly promote the implementation of major cooperation projects, protect the rights and interests of investors, and create fair and just conditions for investment.

“• Accelerate the formulation and approval of a new version of the”China-Russia Investment Cooperation Plan Outline" in 2024, fully promote the implementation of the “Outline” and enhance the effectiveness of bilateral investment cooperation.

“• ….Jointly promote the implementation of large-scale energy projects by Chinese and Russian enterprises.

“• Based on the experience of projects that have been successfully implemented and are being implemented, deepen cooperation in the field of civilian nuclear energy, including thermonuclear fusion, fast neutron reactors, and nuclear fuel closed cycles, …and explore a comprehensive approach to nuclear fuel development … and co-construction of nuclear power plants.

“• Increase the share of local currencies in bilateral trade, financing and other economic activities. Improve the financial infrastructure of the two countries and facilitate settlement channels for business entities between the two countries….

“• Enhance the level of cooperation in the fields of industry and innovation, jointly develop advanced industries, and strengthen technology and production cooperation, including civil aviation manufacturing, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, electronics industry, metallurgy, iron ore mining, chemical industry, etc. industry and forest industry.

“• Consolidate the long-term partnership between the two sides in the aerospace field, implement major national space program projects that are in the common interests of China and Russia, promote cooperation in the field of lunar and deep space exploration including the construction of international lunar scientific research stations, and strengthen Beidou and GLONASS satellite navigation cooperation.

“• Unleash the huge potential for cooperation in the agricultural field, expand mutual market access for agricultural products between the two countries, and improve the level of trade in soybeans and their processed products, pork, aquatic products, grains, oils, fruits, vegetables and nuts, and other agricultural and food products. Deepen agricultural investment cooperation and continue to study the establishment of Sino-Russian agricultural cooperation experimental demonstration zones in the Russian Far East and other regions.”

There are proposals for deepening transportation connectivity, developing ports, establishing a China-Russia Arctic Waterway Cooperation subcommittee, and exchanging ideas for education.

The document stresses: “The two sides will promote and enhance the level of collaboration among BRICS countries on the international stage, including strengthening cooperation in the fields of trade, digital economy, and public health among BRICS countries, and at the same time effectively promote the use of local currency settlement, payment tools and platforms for trade business between BRICS countries. dialogue.”

It further affirms: “Both sides reaffirm their adherence to the ‘Joint Statement of the Leaders of the Five Nuclear-Weapon States on Preventing Nuclear War and Avoiding an Arms Race’ issued on January 3, 2022, especially the concept that a nuclear war cannot be won or fought, and once again call on all participating countries in the joint statement to follow this statement to the letter.”

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken went to China April 24-26, to deliver U.S. ultimata to Xi Jinping, including that China must halt all sales of so-called “dual-use” capital goods to Russia. But Blinken, and the City of London-Wall Street crowd miss the larger point: An enormous China-Russia physical economic giant is being assembled anchoring a new world economic system that will benefit all humanity, which cannot be stopped by anything short of a global thermonuclear war.

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