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Congress Must Invoke the War Powers Act

June 11—Once again, this last week, Emmanuel Macron, that braying jackass who is the President of France, threatened Russia with putting “NATO boots on the ground” in Ukraine in its losing war against Russia. He said that he would be prepared to send French military personnel into Ukraine to train Ukrainian pilots to fly Mirage jet fighters which he pledged to give to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, NATO’s sock puppet dictator of the Ukraine. Zelenskyy had come to France as Marcon’s guest of honor at the war-against-Russia pep rally masquerading as a commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the allied invasion along the Normandy coast on June 6, 1944—“D-Day”—that helped liberate Europe from Hitler’s Nazis.

But the pompous Macron was lying about NATO’s involvement in the proxy war in Ukraine, just as President “Sleepy Joe” Biden has been lying. Biden, who also attended the war pep rally, falsely asserted that there are no U.S. military personnel in Ukraine. As informed intelligence sources report, there is already a massive NATO presence in the war zone, nuvering in the thousands, not merely at advanced staging and supply bases in Poland, but also inside Ukraine. This reality was revealed in a Russian taping of a conversation between high ranking German Air Force officers, who reported that British, French, American, and German personnel, in and out of uniform, were inside Ukraine, as reported in Sputnik accounts of that conversation earlier this year.

Meanwhile, France, Britain, and the United States (in the person of President Biden) have given the okay for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to use weapons that they supply, to attack positions inside Russia, claiming that Ukraine can now independently make targeting decisions and then use these advanced systems, such as the U.S. built-and-supplied ATACMS missile systems, to hit Russian targets. But this is also a lie. Using this and other even longer-range systems to hit targets in the Russian homeland requires programming and satellite downlink capabilities that the Armed Forces of Ukraine does not have and cannot do without direct help from U.S. and NATO personnel.

For some time it has been known that U.S. and NATO pilots have been involved in flying supply missions into Ukraine, and that NATO personnel have been involved in land-based supply missions. Up until this point, the Russian Armed Forces, who are not fooled by the lying and propaganda, have not seriously attacked the NATO supply lines into the Kyiv regime, as a knowledgeable source reports, because they have not wanted to provoke a wider war by killing NATO and especially American personnel.

But with the dangerous escalation of NATO-orchestrated attacks on the Russian homeland, Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared that Russia reserves the right to strike at NATO targets and NATO personnel, both inside Ukraine and at bases in Europe and elsewhere involved. In a discussion with heads of many of the world’s leading news agencies June 5, in St. Petersburg, Putin decried the silly press reports that tried to portray such attacks as Ukrainian, and said that NATO personnel inside and around Ukraine are responsible and were now viable targets for retaliation.

Mirroring what the U.S. and NATO are doing, Putin further suggested that Russia might supply its allies with weapons which they could use against NATO and the U.S., and he urged especially the United States to consider where this dangerous escalation could lead. Russia does not threaten Europe or the United States, nor will Russia be intimidated or suffer attack silently, he stated.

It is now time for the Congress of the United States to show some courage and guts in this matter, so far sorely lacking as the Biden Administration drags the world to the brink of nuclear confrontation with a superpower that will not be bluffed.

The most recent attacks and targeting of Russia have made clear that the decision of the Biden Administration to supply Ukraine with advanced offensive weapons system such as the ATACMS, and the decision to deploy U.S. military personnel to program and target such systems for offensive attacks on Russia, constitutes conducting an armed conflict against a sovereign nation state, without seeking Congressional approval for such action, and thus is in violation of the War Powers Act, passed by Congress Nov. 7, 1973, overriding the veto of then-President Richard Nixon. Congress has issued no declaration of war against Russia, Neither has the Biden Administration asked Congress for authorization to commit U.S. armed forces in Ukraine, nor has Congress granted such an authorization.

Congress must do its duty and immediately investigate whether the President has violated the War Powers Act, which many informed sources say he has. If Congress finds that this is the case then Congress must impeach this pathetic fool who currently occupies the Oval Office, and upon finding him guilty of his acts, remove him from office.

Is there no one in Congress who has what it takes to invoke the War Powers Act and thus stop the insane steady drift toward Armageddon? NATO’s war in Ukraine is already hopelessly lost on the battlefield and this, many experts explain, is not going to be reversed by attacks on Russia.

Invoke the War Powers Act! End U.S. involvement in an undeclared and potentially human extinction war against Russia!

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