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Dangerous NATO Strategy Blocks Peace in Ukraine

June 17—The June 15-16 dog-and-pony show at the Bürgenstock Resort in Switzerland, primarily organized by the U.S. State Department, calling itself a “Summit on Peace in Ukraine” was more about the global certification of NATO sock puppet Volodymyr Zelenskyy as “der Führer” of his war-shattered nation than about moving toward a real peace.

In Hitler-like fashion, and with the support of President “Sleepy Joe” Biden, Zelenskyy staged a quiet coup last month, first by purging his opposition inside Ukraine’s military leadership, then cancelling elections that were constitutionally mandated to take place before the May 20 expiration of his presidential term, and announcing that he would rule under a permanent martial law decree, to last for duration of the war.

The fact that 91 nations even participated in this farce of a conference, which at Zelenskyy’s direction, failed to even invite the other party in the conflict, Russia, shows the shallowness of what now passes for diplomacy.

Just days earlier, on the sidelines of the June 13-15 G-7 summit in Italy, Biden,  the “President who is not there,” signed a photo-op “treaty” with Ukraine and Zelenskyy, ostensibly pledging the U.S. to guarantee the sovereignty of Ukraine, but leaving out any concrete description of what that means in the context of the present conflict. Sources have questioned whether the agreement is in fact a treaty at all as Biden called it in the photo-op, since such a document would require the approval of the U.S. Congress, which has not been obtained.

What these two events demonstrate is the clear intention of NATO, and its lead dog, the United States, to continue a war they have already lost, with Ukrainian military dead now near 700,000 and rising with each day.

“The reality of the battlefield,” said a source, “is that no matter what conventional weapons Ukraine is given and no matter what they are allowed to target with them, even in Russia, with the aid of the thousands of NATO’s little helpers already on the ground in Ukraine, the war is lost and prolonging it only means more Ukrainian losses.”

So, what then is the purpose of continuing a lost war? Some commentators have pointed out that this is “Joe Biden’s war” and that a peace deal which shows the failure of his strategy, which has poured hundreds of billions in weapons and cash to prop up the corrupt Zelenskyy government, with billions more coming from NATO allies in Europe, will deliver a devastating blow to his already sagging re-election chances. But sources say that this is more about keeping Biden locked into the “great game” being played.

“The foolish U.S. national security and military command are playing a deadly game whose objective is not victory in Ukraine,” said a source with knowledge of internal U.S. policy discussion, “but the economic collapse of Russia, and ultimately the ouster of [President Vladimir] Putin. The idea is to keep Russia spending for the war, which is costing them more than $1.5 billion a day, and has forced the diversion of resources into the creation of a ‘garrison state’ economy, which diverts labor and capital away from internal improvements in civilian infrastructure and lowers living standards through rising inflation and lowered spending on social programs.

“But the game is deeper and more dangerous,” the source continued. “All this talk spewing forth from leaders in the West about a coming nuclear war and confrontation with Russia, and then the U.S. announcement of plans to increase spending on nuclear weapons and delivery systems, is intended to convince the Russian leadership that Russia needs to spend more on missile defense, and on other weapons systems, to match or surpass NATO capabilities.

“Meanwhile, the U.S. talks of preventing a new arms race in space but is preparing to place laser weapons on satellites. The Russians have known for some time that the U.S. has far superior technology in laser weapons; they also have reports of the U.S. developing advanced nuclear superweapons. The war in Ukraine appears to show that Russia is far behind in drone and related technologies and in advanced guidance systems; it also has exposed the vulnerability of their once feared tanks and armored vehicles.

“All this appears to be having its intended effect,” the source pointed out, “as the Russians (and the Chinese as well) have announced plans to ramp up military spending, by huge amounts, gobbling up an even larger percentage of Russia’s economy.

“So, here’s what’s at play: According to secret scenarios, based on advanced systems analysis coming from places like RAND and [the late] Andy Marshall’s outfit, the Office of Net Assessment in the Defense Department, you drive the Russian economy past a certain fail-safe point in military expenditures, it goes into collapse, as it is unable to meet those costs and cost of financing them. From a Marxist standpoint, they might understand this as what is called ‘primitive accumulation,’ in which you start looting your own economy and people, to meet the demands of such vast spending programs. There is a belief among these systems analysis warriors that Russia will hit the fail-safe point sometime in the next two years, and possibly sooner, if the spending for war keeps going."

(It was Andy Marshall's people and RAND back in the 1980s, that came up with the scheme to use the Strategic Defense initiative put together by the late economist and political figure Lyndon LaRouche and Dr. Edward Teller, and for which they won the support of President Reagan,  as a form of strategic bluff to collapse the Soviet economy. These forces, associated with then Vice President George Bush had no intention of actually developing the advanced satellite-based  laser system to knock down incoming missiles, the which was offered by Reagan to be jointly developed and deployed by the USSR, but which the Soviet post-Brezhnev leadership rejected. LaRouche correctly warned that if the Soviets tried to defeat the SDI with vast spending on new weapons systems, this would collapse the economies Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact before the end of the decade. The Soviets were induced to head on this destructive track by strategic disinformation about the "success" of what was a virtually non-existent SDI program.)

“So, today's threats are mostly all some kind of ‘great bluff,’|” the source continued. “You threaten war, even make it appear that you might launch a first strike, get the Russians to think that you are really that crazy, but induce them to spend at fantastic rates to support the Ukraine war and beyond. You sacrifice Ukrainian lives to get the result. Use Zelenskyy and his pro-Nazi backers, and the vast corruption machine in place in Kyiv to keep the war going. Keep sending drones and rockets to hit targets inside Russia, and hope that the Russians just keep fighting in Ukraine and keep spending.

“These people [in the U.S. and NATO] are playing with fire. Now, there are some real looneys, who think we need to go nuclear against the Russians and China, who think that we can win a nuclear war, like Henry Kissinger’s mentor, Herman Kahn, thought back in the 1960s. For the time being, those crazies here and in Britain are outnumbered by only slightly saner people. And while fools like [French President Emmanuel] Macron threaten to insert NATO troops on the ground in Ukraine, there is no support for any of that in the European and American people.”

When your adversary may already believe that the leadership of the West is insane, this kind of bluffing is very dangerous. On June 14, the day before the farcical peace conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered a ceasefire in Ukraine, and eventual withdrawal of Russian forces from all areas of Ukraine, except those territories in the East which had voted in plebiscites to become part of the Russian Federation. Putin further pledged that Russia would become part of a reconstruction effort in all areas of the Ukraine, not just those territories which are now part of Russia.

Sock puppet Zelenskyy and his backers in the U.S. and NATO rejected Putin’s offer out of hand, stating that Ukraine wanted returned of all its territory within its 1991 borders (which would include Crimea, which became part of Russia in 2014). Saner heads understand that a “land-for-peace” solution is the only one that will eventually work; sane diplomats have pointed out that Putin’s proposal was a workable basis for negotiation.

With all the talk about the willingness of the West to put on the table the option of the first use of nuclear weapons, and considering the recent attacks on three of Russia’s early warning radar sites by NATO, using the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a cover, a source pointed out, “What if the Russians think the West is, in fact, preparing a first strike, right now? What if Russia doesn’t respond just by spending more on weapons systems and defense? What if they read all this, and the rejection of any real discussion on peace and new arms control treaties, as a preparation for a first strike? And what if they choose not to wait to be hit first?”

People better sober up and stop playing games with the future of the human race.

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