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IDF in New Battle—with Netanyahu

June 19—Israel’s bloodthirsty Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu is facing perhaps his most dangerous political challenge to date—from Israel’s intelligence services, the Mossad and Shin Bet, and from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), which he has misused in his messianic campaign, not against the Hamas terrorist perpetrators of the bloody October 7, 2023 attack, but against the Palestinian people and their right to their own sovereign state.

The once highly respected IDF finds itself universally reviled as a Waffen SS unit following Bibi’s orders that has seen almost all of Gaza laid to waste and nearly 40,000 Gazans killed, the majority of whom were women and children, in what is accurately called a genocide—the deliberate slaughter and destruction of a people.

Over the last three weeks, IDF leaders have contradicted Bibi on his plans to “annihilate Hamas,” stating that this can never happen and that they believe they have already degraded Hamas’ military wing to an extent that it no longer constitutes a threat to Israel.

Following the June 8 rescue operation in which a Special Anti-Terrorist Unit not part of the military command snatched a total of four hostages while slaughtering more than 300 civilians, mostly innocent woman, children, and elderly and maiming and wounding nearly 1,000, the IDF spokesmen have stated that the best way to secure the release of any remaining hostages—alive and dead—would be through a negotiated peace deal of the type put forward last month by President Sleepy Joe Biden, which Bibi has never endorsed and has stated would hamper necessary Israeli military operations, which IDF spokesmen have said is not the case.

The IDF has also said that the government has no strategy for when the fighting stops, and fears that Bibi wants a permanent IDF occupation of Gaza, which IDF leaders, including Chief of the General Staff Gen. Herzl Halevi and Defense Minister Yaov Gallant say they absolutely oppose.

Sources report that the IDF fully supported the June 9 exit from the government of former general Benny Gantz, a War Cabinet Minister, and his Unity Party, over the failure of the government to come up with a plan for peace. Ganz had urged Prime Minister Netanyahu to back the Biden Peace Plan, which the War Cabinet had endorsed over Bibi’s objections and then with his reluctant promised to the U.S.to support.

Netanyahu yesterday dissolved the War Cabinet, stating that its discussion and decision-making would now be handled by a special committee of the Cabinet that would still exclude its most insane members,  Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security Minister Ben-Gvir, who also yesterday have created a new movement that wants to force the remaining living  Palestinians to leave Gaza to allow for Israeli resettlement.

The IDF General staff, a source reported, supported the U.S.-backed UN Security Council Resolution adopted June 10 calling for an immediate ceasefire and immediate hostage release and prisoner exchange as part of the same three-phase effort in the Biden proposal to end the war. “Then that damn asshole Yahya Sinwar [the Hamas leader in Gaza] bailed Bibi out by demanding stupid changes in the proposal, which could have been the subject of future implementation discussions.

If Sinwar would have just kept his mouth shut and allowed the Hamas leadership in Doha, Qatar to accept the deal, then Bibi would have been forced to sign off, and the insane zealots Ben-Gvir [Minister of National Security] and Bezalel Smotrich [Minister of Finance] would have turned on Netanyahu and left the cabinet, which would have collapsed the government. It would have been the end of Bibi.

“So now Netanyahu still holds power, with the war still going on in Gaza,” said the source. “Bibi is about to order the IDF to go after Hezbollah in the West Bank, bringing a new reign of death and destruction to the Palestinians, and also in this case, to Lebanon. The IDF does not want to fight Hezbollah. They are better armed and better trained than Hamas, which after all, was primarily an Israeli creation. That means many more—by an order of magnitude more—Israeli casualties than in Gaza. If they get a ceasefire in Gaza, Hezbollah says it will stop its attacks on Israel and negotiate a deal of some kind. So, the IDF has many reasons to want peace in Gaza. But they cannot get this as long as Bibi stays in power.”

So the military is escalating its conflict with Netanyahu. Yesterday, the IDF announced a “tactical pause” in its military offensive in southern Gaza to allow more humanitarian aid to enter the Strip. The pause in the Rafah area from 8 A.M. to 7 P.M. would take place daily until further notice, according to the IDF.

Following the IDF’s announcement, Netanyahu’s office said that “he told his military secretary that it was unacceptable,” and that after clarification, he was told “there is no change in the IDF’s policy, and the fighting in Rafah will continue as planned.”

The IDF later rejected claims that the government was not informed, adding that it was a military decision taken under the jurisdiction of Southern Command. Another statement said that Prime Minister Netanyahu had recently instructed Israel’s security establishment to significantly increase aid going into Gaza, and to allow safer access for aid workers.

“The Rafah disaster happened against the backdrop of a worsening disagreement between the government and the military, wrote Amos Herel in Haaretz June 16. On Friday, Chief of the General Staff Herzl Halevi gave his version of the famous advice U.S. President Lyndon Johnson received when his country became bogged down in the Vietnam War: ‘Declare victory, and go home’” Harel was referring to remarks Halevi made that the main objectives for the war, the degrading of the Hamas military wing, had been achieved.”

In the coming weeks, the IDF is expected to present its achievements since the beginning of the war in Gaza in an attempt to convince the public that it has succeeded in defeating Hamas’ military wing, no matter what Bibi says. The IDF claims that two of the four battalions of Hamas’ Rafah Brigade have been defeated, and that the other two are nearing defeat. Said a U.S. source, “They are saying the war must end. But are they willing to also say that the current government has prolonged the war unnecessarily, costing both Palestinian and Israeli lives, and yes, killing many of the hostages. They cannot demand an end to this tyrant, but they can make it clear that they will support a new government, one dedicated to peace. The U.S. could make this transition happen. All it needs to do is say that since the war needs to end, we are ending all military aid to Israel until it does end. That might stir the pot for action.”

This week it is expected that several hundred thousand Israelis, led by families of the hostages, will demonstrate throughout their nation, to demand a ceasefire, freedom for the hostages and a prisoner exchange, and an end to the government of a tyrant who blocks peace. Some members of the IDF will join the demos, organizers report.

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