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Is Putin Making Good On His Threat To Arm U.S./NATO Adversaries?

June 20—Some sober strategic analysts have expressed alarm that Russian President Vladimir Putin may already be making good on his threats to provide adversaries of the United States and NATO with advanced weapons systems that could strike those countries.

Putin made these remarks last week in response to announcements by President “Sleepy Joe” Biden and other Western leaders authorizing the Armed Forces of Ukraine to use advanced missile and other weapons systems on targets inside Russia. Putin warned the West and especially the bellicose United States government that Russia reserved the right to respond asymmetrically to such threats and actual attacks, like those that have already taken place against Russia’s early warning system of radar installations, by arming adversaries of those countries responsible for such attacks. Putin said that while such strikes against Russia might take place under the Ukrainian flag, it was really NATO and the United States who were behind them and were participating in the targeting, guidance, and programming of the weapons such as ATACMS missile systems.

On June 18, Putin began a state visit to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), preceded by his announcement of a “strategic pact” with that nation. U.S. intelligence sources report that as part of this pact, Russia will be helping the DPRK in developing missiles capable of hitting the United States and Europe, including by providing advanced guidance systems and working with the DPRK on improving their nuclear warheads for those missiles. Reportedly, Russia will also help in the development of advanced drones. These sources also pointed out that Russia is assisting the DPRK in their satellite program, which launched a military satellite last year.

The U.S. has commented only that it believes that Russia’s engagement with the DPRK, which it derides as the “Hermit Kingdom,” and its leader Kim Jung Un, makes the region and the world more unstable.

During his trip, Putin thanked Kim for his support of Russia’s war effort in Ukraine. NATO sources have claimed that the North Koreans have already shipped the Russians huge quantities of munitions and arms earmarked for Ukraine. These sources report that the DPRK has sent thousands of “volunteers” to fight on the front lines, as well as construction workers to help build fortifications. The Russians have denied such reports.

The West had better start taking Putin at his word,” said an Intelligence source. “They should do that and revise their insanely provocative strategy toward Russia. Those people who say Putin is just talking, just bluffing are strategic fools.”

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