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Once More into the Breach: Burns Heads to Israel to Ram Through Hostage Deal

July 7—Well-placed sources say President “Sleepy Joe” Biden awakened long enough to dispatch to Israel America’s most able diplomat, CIA Director William Burns, to ram a ceasefire-hostage deal down the throat of that country’s bloodthirsty Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, as Hamas negotiators have now accepted the Burns-drafted revisions in the ceasefire plan that Bibi and his clone and asset, Hamas leader in Gaza Yahya Sinwar had jointly sabotaged.

The language approved by Hamas, and worked out for Israel by Mossad representatives, would release over a six week period women and children hostages, as well as any sick and elderly still alive, in exchange for the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners who have been held Israeli jails in what are reported to be savage conditions.

The deal would mandate that the mediators, which include Egypt, Qatar, and the United States guarantee that during this period Israel will negotiate for a more permanent ceasefire that would lead to more hostages being released, and ultimately to an end to all fighting in devastated Gaza, and the commencement of reconstruction. In the first phase, supposedly already agreed to by Israel, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) would withdraw from populated areas and allow remaining Palestinians to return to what remains of their homes.

But no sooner then people began processing the Hamas acceptance, Bibi and his minions were at work trying to sabotage, adding new language to create more controversy. But sources report, with the streets of Israel filled last night with protestors demanding an end to Netanyahu and hos blocking of a hostage/ceasefire deal, including one led by hostage family members outside his residence, Bibi sabotages the deal at his own risk. So Burns and his team are on the way to Egypt to meet with the Israelis and the mediators to make the deal concrete. Sources believe that this was done to give Bibi asset Sinwar room to kill the deal from his side. Netanyahu's language would strangely allow some kind of air strikes to continue, even while the other phases of the deal were negotiated.

Hezbollah leaders, who correctly blame the increased fighting on both the war in Gaza and on outrageous provocations from the extreme zealots of Israel’s settlers movement, backed by the most insane of Netanyahu’s cabinet mates, National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir and Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich. Both have said that they will resign, and thus collapse the government, should Netanyahu sign on to any Gaza ceasefire deal. Netanyhau has not said that he would sign, as he wants a complete blank check to renew hostilities after the first phase of the ceasefire. He still seeks the “total annihilation” of Hamas, ostensibly in retribution for their Oct. 7 attack, which murdered more than 1,200 Israeli citizens and other nationals.

Sources report, however that the IDF leadership is in full support of the original U.S.deal, as they recognize this as a first step also in de-escalating the growing crisis and fighting between the IDF and Iran-backed Hezbollah militias that is threatening to erupt into a full-scale war that both the IDF and U.S. intelligence fear would lead to an all out war with Iran. Despite stupid and frankly outright  lying reports to the contrary in the American press, the IDF does not want to fight Bibi's wars of extermination and destruction any longer—especially, when a possibly workable peace it at hand.​ For that reason, the military leadership has recently contradicted almost every statement made by the Prime Minister on the ability to achieve a victory that eliminates Hamas or other resistance organizations, stating instead that it is foolhardy and counterproductive to try.

But now, sources report, even the dim-witted U.S. President knows that the war in Gaza is really not about retribution, but is part of Bibi’s scheme to drown in blood and devastation any future potential for a two-state solution; that will make a Palestinian state “go away.” It is for that reason, that while he continues to order the IDF to fight a senseless war that has now claimed more 38,000 civilian lives, so many of whom were women and children, he wants to provoke another slaughter in the West Bank. If this bloodthirsty monster is not stopped, and soon, this war could rapidly spin up into a major war with the heavily-armed and militarily-capable Iran.

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