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Putin Restates His Proposal for a New Eurasian Security Architecture

June 23—In a June 21 meeting in the Kremlin with graduates of higher military schools, Russian President Vladimir Putin restated his June 14 comprehensive proposal for a new Eurasian security architecture, including a negotiated solution to the Ukraine war, and he again emphasized that his proposal is open to Europe and NATO countries, “naturally, when they are ready for it.”

“Russia consistently advocates enhanced stability on the planet and a just and democratic multipolar world order," Putin said. "Recently, at the meeting with Foreign Ministry senior staff, I described our vision on creating equal and indivisible security in Eurasia. We are ready for a broad international discussion of these key, vital issues, with our colleagues in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the CIS, the EAEU, BRICS, and with other international associations, including European and NATO states. Naturally, when they are ready for it.”

Putin made it clear that Russia would also maintain and strengthen its strategic defense capabilities. “At the same time, considering the difficult international situation and new challenges and risks emerging, we will continue improving the Armed Forces, building our defense policy based on advanced technologies and sciences…. Our plans include further development of the nuclear triad as a guarantee of strategic deterrence and maintaining the balance of power in the world.”

He congratulated the young graduates, noting: "You have inherited the legacy of many generations of your predecessors, and I am confident that you are fully prepared to tackle important tasks in ensuring the security of the Motherland….

“Let me emphasize that the effectiveness of the entire work to strengthen Russia’s defense capabilities directly depends on the officers—you and your colleagues. Soon you will lead military units and, I believe, make every effort to master advanced weapons and equipment…. And having chosen a difficult path for yourself, continuing the work of your predecessors, you will always be sincere patriots at all stages of your future career.”

Significantly, Putin concluded by citing the courageous Marshal of the Red Army Georgy Zhukov, who led the Soviet forces to victory over the Nazi invaders: “In his memoirs Georgy Zhukov wrote: ‘Service to my Motherland and my people was the main thing for me. And I can say with clear conscience: I have done everything to execute that duty.’ Let these words of the legendary Victory Marshal serve also as a message to you, to all officers of Russia.” 

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