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The Speir News and Entertainment platforms have been under enormous and relentless cyber-attacks why?

I would like to address this to the users of the Speir News and Entertainment platforms. Some of you may have noticed that we have not posted new material in our news feeds for a few days now. This has been because our small but growing and important news platform has been under enormous and relentless attack by what experts have determined to be a coordinated effort by a combination of British, NATO, American, Ukrainian, and Israeli covert intelligence services, with the intention of shutting us down.

At first, by a coordinated overload of our servers, which are located at various places around the world, they did succeed in forcing a momentary shutdown on the main www.Speir.TV website. Through some new and highly effective security software, we have so far beaten back this type of attack. In addition, we have discovered that there have been targeted efforts to block access to the Speir.TV websites from several countries, including Ukraine and Israel. We have also taken measures to counteract this and appear to have restored such access. Once under this relentless attack, when we carefully reviewed our logs, and discovered that these attacks have been going on, in less intensive form for some time. 

Why would these agencies target Speir? Because they don't want you to have access to the information and analysis that we provide that will give you a chance to discover the truth about the causes behind the making of current history. We offer you reports and opinions that lie outside the boundaries that these agencies maintain for what they want you to believe. Without such opinions and reports, you will never discover the truth about anything of importance. What we present not only offers ideas and reports that this covert cabal, which works to protect the interests of a global ruling oligarchy, centered in the Trans-Atlantic world, does not want you to see, but they often show you how and for what purpose you are being misled. 

What Speir is fighting for is a new just world order based on the simple truth that man has the ability to change his ways, that each person, each sovereign human being, and each sovereign nation alike, can act for the benefit of all and for the progress of all mankind. This is what is meant by the hopeful term found in the opening paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, that all of us have the right to the pursuit of happiness. It is a statement of the belief in our own perfectibility, something we accomplish by seeking the truth. 

We therefore stand against all imperial designs, including the new form of empire against which we fight, something proclaimed by that imperialist Winston Churchill more than 75 years ago. He told a 1944 commencement audience at Harvard University that old forms of empire, as practiced by the British, would be fading from the scene. In their place, would be the new form of empire, "the Empire of the Mind.'' Speir intends to shatter this "empire of the brainwashed" through dialogue to help discover the truth. The truth shall indeed set us free, and those who try to restrict may win temporary pyrrhic victories, but in the end, the truth shall win out. Please make a one time or monthly donation here.

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