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Will Israel Act in Time to Save Itself from Bibi?

Feb 13—With the raving insanity of a bloodthirsty murderer, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu has rejected clearly negotiable terms from Hamas that would free all remaining Israeli hostages in exchange for an extended ceasefire to allow the flow of humanitarian aid to reach the beleaguered and dying citizens of Gaza, who have been under relentless attack by the Israel Defense Forces for now over 100 days.

Instead, he called the offer “bizarre” and “delusional,” and announced that he would order the IDF to launch a full-scale assault on the city of Rafah, what he termed the “last stronghold of the terrorists,” ordering its population, swelled to more than a million with refugees from towns and cities that Netanyahu’s army has already laid waste, to evacuate, when even some of his own generals know there is no place for them to evacuate to. The potential for a new level of slaughter of civilians has prompted protests from around the world, including even from his major arms supplier, the United States.

It is reported that Bibi’s chilling performance at the Feb. 7 press conference that rejected the Hamas offer, sent President Joe Biden into a fit of angry rage. While the doddering old man may have trouble with names and dates, he apparently has enough mental acuity to know that Bibi is “killing Biden politically,” as one source reported.

The Hamas leadership, which is known to be penetrated by Israeli assets, was responding within a framework that had been hammered out with negotiators from Egypt, the U.S., Qatar, and Israel. While no one expected Bibi to accept the offer, the characterizations of it, and more importantly his announced intentions to escalate his campaign of genocide, in open defiance of the International Court of Justice decision on Jan. 26, shows that he is now in full breakaway mode.

This raises some interesting questions. Netanyahu went on his rug-chewing fit against Hamas while the apparently inconsequential Biden Secretary of State Antony Blinken was in the region and had just met with the Israeli leader. Sources report his sole purpose in Israel was to make sure what happened would not happen, and that a path to a negotiated settlement could be found. This is all part of a larger plan that would include a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians, and Saudi recognition of Israel in exchange for a defense pact with the U.S.

“None of this is possible as long as Netanyahu is in power,” said a source. “The White House is delusional if it thinks otherwise.” Yet it continues to push for billions more in arms, stupidly defending Israel against charges of genocide, which are all but proven by Bibi’s ravings defending what he has done and will do in Gaza, while rejecting any consideration of a Palestinian state. 

Said another source: “Some foolish people think that the White House can control Bibi, while he remains in power. But he has them boxed in. If they cut off aid, to make a point, then Biden will be denounced by the Israeli lobby and its lackeys in the Congress, and he will lose votes in November. So, Bibi feels he has no risk, even as he slaughters more Palestinians in Rafah, should that attack be made."

But there is something that can be done, and the Biden Administration is considering it. Said the source: "Algeria has apparently redrafted its resolution calling for support for International Court of Justice’s Jan. 26 ruling that Israel must demonstrate that it is not committing acts of genocide against the Palestinians by taking steps to prevent such actions, as well as implementing a ceasefire. Included also is Hamas releasing all remaining hostages. The United States could abstain in a UN Security Council vote, which might take place with the next two weeks, or it might even vote in favor. That could send a strong message.”

This and other sources say that the U.S. has sent backchannel signals to certain people in the IDF that it wants action against Rafah delayed if not canceled completely. The U.S. has also urged the IDF to complete its investigations of the events of Oct. 7, the date of the savage Hamas attack on Israel that killed 1,200 Israelis and took 240 hostages. According to several sources Hamas still holds about 100 hostages, after two more were freed two were freed yesterday in a raid on Rafah which killed at least 67 Palestinians; among those who remain alive are many women, children, and elderly. The army intelligence unit conducting the probe is investigating the likely complicity of Netanyahu and his government in orchestrating what happened Oct 7, by taking no steps to stop an event for which the Prime Minister had pre-knowledge. Such a finding could help force Bibi out.

In the end, it is the people of Israel who have allowed this Nazi-like, race hater to rule over their country. Before the Hamas attack, there were mass demonstrations demanding Netanyahu's ouster for a variety of reasons. Under threats from right-wing religious zealots and the growing police state machinery that Bibi has put in place since he began his war against Gaza, demonstrations against the dictator have been few. But Israelis are a proud and defiant people, and they have witnessed their standing in world esteem collapse in reaction to Bibi’s bloody war. The polls show support for Bibi declining, his self-proclaimed defense of the Jewish people and their state from "animals" as he calls the Palestinians; they also show that most Israelis believe that the Number One issue is to secure the release of the remaining hostages. Yet Bibi seems to reject steps to accomplish that.

The time has come for Israel to oust this murderer from office and get back on a pathway toward peace. There is much Israel can do to ensure progress and prosperity for the whole region, including for a new state of Palestine, whose creation great Israelis like former Prime Ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres once fought the likes of Bibi to secure. Unlike Netanyahu, they understood that the only pathway to secure a future for Israel is a peaceful and progressive one.

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