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DJ Speir's Review: ANTAGONÏZER Unleashes Relentless Power in "BOW DOWN"

Prepare yourselves for a sonic journey that delves deep into the darkest recesses of human desire and domination as ANTAGONÏZER, the collaborative project of alt-electronic artist Crywolf and alt-bass producer AWAY, returns with their latest single, "BOW DOWN." This electrifying track serves as the second installment from their forthcoming EP under Rezz's label, HypnoVizion, and it's nothing short of a mesmerizing descent into sonic mayhem.

A Deviant Sonic Odyssey

If you thought their debut single, "STATIC," was intense, "BOW DOWN" takes that intensity and cranks it up several notches. ANTAGONÏZER continues to captivate fans with their audacious exploration of the human psyche's darkest depths. This apocalyptic narrative of power and domination resonates with the universal desire to conquer and yield. Crywolf's raw and poetically ruthless lyricism, combined with AWAY's surgically brutal production, unleashes a relentless musical assault that seethes with a calculatedly savage energy rarely encountered in the electronic music world.

Masters of Intensity and Complexity

Both Crywolf and AWAY have established themselves as boundary-pushers and innovators in electronic music, boasting a combined total of over 330 million streams and a slew of chart-topping releases. Their previous collaborations have resonated with listeners in profound ways, with each track amassing millions of streams and swiftly becoming fan favorites. Recognizing the inherent artistic synergy between them, forming the collaborative ANTAGONÏZER project was a natural evolution.

Crywolf, known as Justin Taylor Phillips, has been a pioneer of the "Post-EDM" movement, crafting intimate, melodic, and avant-garde releases that have garnered a fiercely loyal following. His albums have charted on iTunes and even secured spots on the Billboard charts, with his debut album "Cataclasm" topping the Electronic chart for two weeks. Crywolf's music has garnered support from international acts and major media outlets, cementing his position as an enduring and compelling artist in electronic music.

AWAY, on the other hand, has made his mark with over 100 million streams, standing out as a frontrunner among independent artists emerging from the underground. His unique approach to modern electronic bass music blends heartbreaking melodies with emotive songwriting that resonates deeply with both body and soul. AWAY's raw and gritty sonic aesthetic draws inspiration from alternative and industrial music, refusing to be confined by genre classifications.

The Final Beatz: A Relentless Sonic Assault

"ANTAGONÏZER" proves once again that the fusion of Crywolf's lyrical prowess and AWAY's production wizardry is a formidable force to be reckoned with. "BOW DOWN" is a testament to their unapologetic pursuit of intense and complex sonic experiences, pushing the boundaries of electronic music. It's a track that demands your attention and invites you to immerse yourself in its relentless power.

Don't miss out on the electrifying sounds of "BOW DOWN" by ANTAGONÏZER, available now via HypnoVizion. It's a journey into the depths of human desire, a sonic odyssey you won't want to miss.

Get lost in the unearthly sounds of ANTAGONÏZER’s new single ‘BOW DOWN’, out now via HypnoVizion.



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