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sfam and DMVU Join Forces for Gritty Collaboration 'neutral ground'

sfam and DMVU Join Forces for Gritty Collaboration 'neutral ground'

New Orleans-based duo sfam and experimental bass producer DMVU have joined forces to deliver their highly-anticipated collaborative single, 'neutral ground.' The track, which serves as the lead single from sfam's forthcoming EP of the same title, showcases a rebellious and unorthodox approach to bass music. Released under Rezz's esteemed label HypnoVizion, 'neutral ground' offers a mind-bending listening experience, pushing the boundaries of traditional dubstep and leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

A Unique Collaboration Defying Convention:

The partnership between sfam and DMVU on 'neutral ground' exemplifies the dark and ominous sounds championed by HypnoVizion. Departing from the typical dubstep formula, the track delivers an enthralling fusion of heavy basslines and disorienting synths. By seamlessly transitioning between dramatic builds and crunchy drops, 'neutral ground' captivates its audience from start to finish. The collaboration between sfam and DMVU on this track marks a defining moment in their musical journey, setting the stage for sfam's highly-anticipated EP.

sfam's Perspective:

Reflecting on their collaboration with DMVU, sfam expresses their gratitude for the opportunity to work with one of the industry's most talented producers. Having forged a strong friendship over the years, sfam acknowledges DMVU's exceptional skills and describes him as both handsome and kind. They are thrilled to have DMVU as the sole collaborator on their upcoming EP, recognizing the value he brings to their musical vision.

DMVU's Contribution:

DMVU reveals that he had initially struggled to find the right direction for 'neutral ground' before teaming up with sfam. Seeking collaboration opportunities, he decided to share the track with sfam, who polished it to perfection. The addition of the second drop proved to be the final touch that elevated the track to its full potential. DMVU's collaboration with sfam on 'neutral ground' serves as a testament to the power of artistic synergy and creative exchange.

sfam: Rising Stars in US Bass Music:

sfam, composed of childhood friends Jacob Hoerner and Michael Pearson, has steadily risen through the ranks to become a formidable duo in the US bass music scene. Since their inception in 2014, they have made a name for themselves with high-energy performances at renowned festivals like BUKU and Beyond Wonderland. Their studio productions, including their self-released debut album 'below sea level' in 2022, exhibit their versatility, depth, and experimental approach. Their tracks have garnered support from influential tastemakers such as Liquid Stranger, CRAZE, Buku, and more. Additionally, sfam has collaborated with esteemed artists such as Dirt Monkey, Eazybaked, and Mersiv, and has delivered exceptional remixes for ATLiens, Boogie T., Wreckno, and UZ.

DMVU: A Rising Force in Bass Music:

Mathew Jones, known by his stage name DMVU, hails from Denver, Colorado, and is rapidly making a name for himself in the global bass music scene. Despite his relative newness, DMVU has garnered widespread attention, with his productions finding their way into the sets of respected artists such as Noisia and Boombox Cartel. He has toured alongside industry heavyweights like Dirt Monkey, Yheti, and Of The Trees, and has shared the stage with acclaimed acts including Hudson Mohawke, The Widdler, and Truth. DMVU's inclusion on 'neutral ground' further solidifies his reputation as an exciting talent shaping the future of bass music.

The Future of 'neutral ground' and sfam's EP:

'neutral ground' serves as the opening chapter of sfam's highly-anticipated EP, which shares the same title. Set to release this summer under Rezz's influential label imprint, HypnoVizion, the EP promises to captivate listeners with its distinct soundscapes and boundary-pushing compositions. The success and impact of 'neutral ground' act as a catalyst for what lies ahead, leaving fans eager to explore the sonic tapestry that sfam has meticulously woven for this upcoming release.

The collaboration between sfam and DMVU on 'neutral ground' represents a groundbreaking moment in bass music. With their rebellious approach and innovative sound design, sfam and DMVU have defied the conventions of dubstep to deliver a mesmerizing track that pushes boundaries. As sfam prepares to unveil their forthcoming EP, 'neutral ground,' listeners can expect an immersive musical experience that showcases the duo's range, depth, and experimental flair. With the backing of Rezz's HypnoVizion label, sfam is poised to make a lasting impact on the bass music landscape.

About the author:

Robert Christian Sussman, also known as DJ Speir, is the founder of ‍Speir TV and InterQ, the groundbreaking social entertainment and advocacy platform that provides inclusive, LGBTQ+ content to audiences around the world. Born on September 17, 1960, in Piqua, Ohio, Robert has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and HIV/AIDS awareness for over three decades. Robert has also been diagnosed with dementia, a condition that can be related to HIV infection or to aging. Despite this diagnosis, Robert has remained determined and is still able to live on his own and work on developing the InterQ Platform with the help of artificial intelligence to assist in his daily work and life, he will kick ass to the end lol.

Despite these challenges, Robert has continued to fight for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and to build the vision for InterQ. He has been a trailblazer in the entertainment industry, using his platform to promote positive representations of LGBTQ+ individuals and to bring attention to important issues affecting the community.

Robert's legacy as DJ Speir and as a tireless advocate for the LGBTQ+ community will continue to inspire future generations.

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