Product Overview

Speir Events

What is The Speir Social Entertainment Platform: Events Feature?

Discover, Connect, and Engage: Elevate Your Community Experiences with The Events Feature

In today’s interconnected world, community-building is more essential than ever, and that's exactly what Speir's Events Feature aims to do. Designed to be a dynamic tool for both consumers and businesses, it helps you plan, manage, and execute events ranging from professional conferences to informal social gatherings with unparalleled ease. With both in-person and online options, facilitated by the integration of Speir's own Streams module, the Events Feature is your one-stop solution to keep your community engaged and connected.

Key Features

📆 Events Calendar: View all upcoming events in a neatly organized calendar, making it easier for users to plan ahead.

🗺️ Maps Integration: For physical meet-ups, locate your event with precision. Never lose your way with our embedded maps feature.

📹 Streams Module Integration: Go live and connect online. Our seamless integration with Streams ensures you have all you need for online events.

🔁 Recurring Events: Whether it’s a weekly webinar or an annual conference, set it and forget it with our recurring events function.

🕓 Time Zone Flexibility: The event's time adjusts according to the viewer’s time zone, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

🎗️ Reminders: Never miss an event! Get timely reminders and stay updated.

Enhanced Capabilities

⚙️ Flexible Event Settings: Public, closed, or secret—customize your event's privacy settings to best suit your needs.

📜 Effortless Management: Keep tabs on participants, manage invites, and set sophisticated role-based permissions.

⏳ Event Timeline: Your event’s life story, from announcements to updates, all in one comprehensive timeline.

🗣️ Event-Specific Forums: Keep the conversation going. Discuss, brainstorm and socialize in an exclusive forum.

💬 Real-Time Chat: In-event chat functionality for instant communication among attendees.

💰 Monetize Your Events: Opt for paid events and subscriptions, turning your community events into revenue streams.

✉️ Built-in Invitations: Make invites a breeze with our user-friendly invitation system.

🛎️ Notification Integration: Sync up with other modules and notifications, including push notifications, for an integrated event management experience.

What Can You Do With The Events Module?

  • Discover New Experiences: With a variety of events on offer, find something that resonates with your interests.
  • Expand Your Network: The Events Feature provides ample opportunities to meet new people, make friends, and even forge business connections.

Elevate your community experience with Speir's Events Feature. Plan, participate, and prosper like never before.