William Lee

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William Lee aka Kokoyote

A native of good ol' Flagtown, Arizona, William has grown up surrounded by hippies and rednecks, works professionally saving tortoises and keeping bees, and has found himself a fancy hobby in the kinetic art of juggling for about 20years.

His stage character, Kokoyote, is a goofy and clumsy mix of technical juggling and flow arts with general clowning shenanigans characterized by the paradox of accidentally meaning to do things: oops on purpose.

He is an insured performer and co-founder of Flagstaff Fire and Flow. William juggles balls with a hacky sack influenced style, clubs (including the mind-bending LED Vision clubs by @Flowtoys), and is working on contact staff and triple staff. He definitely likes to light props on fire and dance, spin, manipulate, and juggle with them as well...

Kokoyote will be bringing a Juggling 201 playshop to Sentience Movement Presents Virtual Getdown May 2nd, 2020. The course will be an introductory lesson in juggling in which he will describe important life lessons metaphorically through juggling, and get participants juggling three balls within the first bit of the class.

As participants improve, he will move into some foundational tricks and skills to work on. Any intermediate to advanced jugglers can go deeper. Following the playshop, Kokoyote will perform some sets using a variety of props including balls, clubs, LED lights how, and maybe fire depending on safety arrangements. Come GetDown and and learn to juggle from the NinjaJediJester himself. 

*Photo credit: Dan Seaman

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