Gerardo Roschini’s illustrious career began in the late 1990s, where he immediately set himself apart from the crowd and began to form his own sound. Producing under many aliases such as: Supaboyz, Smashing Guys, Ironblood, Machinehead; his sound became a staple for every hardstyle DJ’s set.

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Over the years, he gained a considerable following after releasing hit after hit on several fantastic labels; his style captivated audiences and caught the attention of promoters which resulted in bookings at some of the largest events in Europe: Defqon1, Q-base, Hard Bass, Decibel, In Qontrol, and many more…

Proudly representing his country, and his sound, Gerardo kicked off the year 2010 with a brand new label – Italian Hardstyle.

Zatox is one of the masters of Italian hardstyle – with his name became synonymous with the darker side of the genre, he is not afraid to stand out and test the crowd with his raw and brutal sounds.

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