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In Phoenix, Arizona as the colorful signs of spring come into view excitement builds for the PHXLIGHTS; SUPERNOVA festival. Taking place at the Phoenix Raceway on March 29 and 30 this event curated by Relentless Beats goes beyond your music festival experience offering a journey through sound and art.

Outstanding Lineup; A Harmonious Blend of Cosmic Sounds

Friday March 29; The first day of the festival will be graced by Seven Lions mesmerizing blend of dubstep, trance and electro house. Joined by NGHTMREs bass music and a unique collaborative performance by Joyryde and Habstrakt merging bass house with electro vibes. The lineup also includes Aloks bass magic, goddard.s captivating house beats, SABAIs melodic bass tunes and Residuos fresh electronic sounds.

Saturday March 30; The finale features Kaskade leading the electronic music charge, with Deorro and Valentino Khan delivering a back to back set.Dr. Oliver Trees unique style brings a touch, complemented by Apashes mix of sophistication and powerful bass beats. The evening closes with performances, by Alleycvt, Levity and Mamba each showcasing their sounds on the festival stage.

Exploring Beyond Music; A Cosmic JourneyPHXLIGHTS; SUPERNOVA goes beyond music offering an immersive sensory experience. From mind bending art installations to interactive experiences and a variety of food options the festival is a paradise for those looking to dive into a world of artistic expression.

Tickets and Festival Features

Ticket sales kicked off on December 1st offering levels of experiences from General Admission to the premium GA+. Vip tiers. Attendees are urged to secure their spots for this adventure with extras like shuttle services, plenty of parking space and exclusive festival gear enhancing the experience.

Promoting Unity and Sustainability

At its heart PHXLIGHTS; SUPERNOVA celebrates the unity of music, art and technology while building a community united by creativity and shared moments. The festival is dedicated to making an impact both socially in line, with the values of sustainable and community focused events.

The PHXLIGHTS; SUPERNOVA festival is approaching, serving as a point, for the electronic music scene. It doesn't just offer performances. Promises to take you on an creative adventure. If you're excited to be part of this experience check out PHXLightsFest.com. Follow the festivals updates on social media @PHXLightsFest.

Event Schedule;

Friday, March 29; Featuring Seven Lions, NGHTMRE, Joyryde b2b Habstrakt, Alok, goddard. Sabai, ResiduoSaturday, March 30; Headlined by Kaskade, Deorro b2b Valentino Khan, Dr. Oliver Tree, Apashe, Alleycvt,Mamba

Tickets on sale now at PHXLIGHTSFEST.com













All items are subject to the discretion of event security.

The following is not allowed into the venue:NO Illegal substances or drug paraphernaliaNO CannabisNO PetsNO Massagers or pacifiersNO PoiNO Laser pens or pointersNO EyedropsNO Glass, cans, cups, or coolersNO Markers, pens, or spray paintNO Large chains, spiked jewelry, or spiked accessoriesNO Stickers or flyersNO Tents, large umbrellas, or chairsNO Wind chairs/sofasNO Large purses or bags (over 15” X 15” X 5” inches)NO Open cigarettes, lipstick, chapstick, tamponsNO Outside food, beverage, or alcoholNO Professional cameras (SLR or detachable lenses)NO Video or audio recording equipmentNO Knives, firearms, pepper spray, fireworks, or weapons of any kindNO Toy weapons or real weapons of any kindNO Sticks, staff, swords, sabers, whips, or scepters including extendable itemsNO Open sunscreenNO Balloons, balls, frisbees, or any other projectileNO Native American headdressesNO Festival totems

NO CROWD SURFING OR RAIL BREAKING. PATRONS PARTICIPATING IN EITHER WILL BE EJECTED.The following is allowed into the venue:OK (2) factory-sealed water bottles of ANY SIZEOK Clear empty plastic water bottles of ANY SIZEOK Clear (transparent) bags – max size 15” X 15”x 5“OK Clear (transparent) backpacks – max size 15” X 15”x 5“OK Clear (transparent) fanny packs – max size 15” X 15”x 5“OK Empty non-transparent Camelbaks with no more than 2 pockets – max size 15” X 15”x 5“OK Small clutch up to 5” X 7” X 2” in sizeOK Non-Professional Still Cameras including Go Pros (GoPros may NOT be attached to a monopod or extendable pole)OK LightersOK Sealed: cigarette packages, tampons, packs of gum, chapstick/lip glossOK Glowing/illuminated costumes or jewelry (to be searched upon entry)OK Sunglasses and hatsOK Sealed liquid sunscreen and cosmetic productsOK Disposable E-cigs, nicotine vaporizer pens, excluding those with refillable chambers containing visible liquidOK Guide dogs for people with disabilities and other service animals with current rabies certification

CLEAR BAG POLICY:In an effort to enhance fan safety, and to mirror many arenas and venues around the county, we have implemented a clear bag policy for all large attendee events.We define a clear bag as a fully clear or colored clear plastic, vinyl, or mesh bag. One-gallon clear plastic freezer bags will be considered an acceptable clear bag. The maximum bag size that will be allowed is 15” X 15”x 5“. In addition to a clear bag, guests may bring in one small clutch up to 5” X 7”x 2” in size.

Due to clear hydration packs not being readily available, EMPTY hydration packs (no larger than 15x15x5” with no more than 2 pockets) WILL BE the only exception to the clear bag policy.

PHXLIGHTS: Supernova | March 29-30, 2024

Tickets and additional details are now accessible at PHXLIGHTSFEST.com. Join us for this exploration of music and art that will undoubtedly be a highlight, in the calendar of 2024.