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Sept. 3, 2023 (EIRNS)—“No country has spent as much on Ukraine’s defense as the U.S. Ukraine has received a total of over $113 billion in American military, economic, and financial aid,” wrote John Rossomando in an Aug. 30 article published in the journal 19FortyFive, citing a recent report by CSIS. “This marks the largest flow of aid to a belligerent nation since the U.S. Congress passed the Lend-Lease Act in 1941,” he added, which amounted to $51 billion in inflation-adjusted dollars.

In 1941 that money helped bring victory over Fascism, but what is it buying today?

According to Dmitri Kovalevich, the special correspondent in Ukraine for Al Mayadeen English, Ukraine is being turned into a giant slave labor camp. The Kiev regime, presented as fighting for “freedom and democracy” in Washington, London and Brussels, has banned all men between the ages of 18 and 60 from leaving the country. A bill has been introduced in the unicameral legislature, Verkhovna Rada, “that provides for the conscription of forced labor of all those who have not been conscripted to the armed forces,” Kovalevich writes. “Formally free citizens who already cannot legally leave the country due to wartime restrictions will now also be subjected to forced labor.”

“There is also already a serious shortage of trained personnel in Ukraine,” he writes further. “Hundreds of thousands of factory workers, skilled tradespeople, railway workers, drivers, and other equipment operators in agricultural industries, and on and on have been conscripted into the army. Many of them have died or been seriously injured in the futile attempts of Ukraine’s leaders and their Western patrons to storm the well fortified defensive lines of the Russian armed forces.”

Companies in Ukraine are desperate to hire workers, but applicants fear being forcefully conscripted into the army. The unemployed don’t bother signing up for unemployment benefits for the same reason. Unemployment benefits are absurdly low and wages for those who do have jobs are being slashed. At the same time, food prices are rising. “Simply put, Ukraine is gradually introducing a system of slave labor,” asserts Kovalevich in a [Special Report] for Al Mayadeen English on Aug. 20.

Anyone familiar with the writings of Lyndon LaRouche on these matters will recognize the application of the labor recycling methods of Hjalmar Schacht, Hitler’s finance minister and central bank governor in the 1930s, who was the architect of what became the concentration camp system in Nazi Germany.

The architect of that plan in Ukraine is one Vadym Denysenko, head of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future and a former advisor to the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, who argues that even after the war is over, the ban on men leaving the country will have to be continued for at least three more years. According to Kovalevich, this stems from the fact that Ukraine is now heavily indebted to the West. “Repayment with interest can only be guaranteed through the merciless exploitation of the Ukrainian population,” Kovalevich cites Denysenko’s plans. “To achieve that, it is necessary that the population be denied the option of running away from something rightly perceived as something resembling slavery or medieval serfdom.” Denysenko’s think tank is funded by right-wing think tanks in the West, including the Atlantic Council and the National Endowment for Democracy in the United States.

Image Credit Al Mayadeen English