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As Noose Tightens Around Bibi, Dithering Biden Refuses the Hammer

May 21—With the announcement yesterday by Karim A.A. Khan, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), that he is filing applications for warrants of arrest for the bloodthirsty Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant as well as top Hamas leaders including Yahya Sinwar for crimes against humanity, a noose is tightening around Bibi’s neck.

Sources report that given the growing opposition within Israel to the Prime Minister and his policies, an opposition which strongly includes the families of hostages held by Hamas, both alive and dead, all that would be required would be for President “Sleepy Joe” Biden to kick the horse out from under him by demanding, as the price for continued U.S. military aid for Israel, that he must sign a ceasefire/hostage exchange deal and end his inhuman siege of Gaza’s civilian population and Israel’s military threat to its population, including to those Palestinians who have not fled Gaza’s last standing city, Rafah.

But instead of a sending a clear message, these sources report, Biden has given in to the Zionist lobby in the United States, led by the notorious American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC), who threatened to work fully against his re-election bid, and instead strongly denounced the threatened ICC warrant against Bibi and Gallant. Biden took advantage of the wording of the statement by ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim Kahn, himself regarded by intelligence sources as an asset of the Anglo-American empire, which treated the crimes of Israel with equal weight as the crimes of Hamas.

Biden and other world leaders aligned with NATO and the West, called such linkage “outrageous.” Kahn, sources report, could not avoid the indictment of Bibi, given the evidence presented against Israel at the International Court of Justice, for its conduct of the war not as a matter of self-defense against the terrorist murderers of Hamas in its Oct. 7 attack that slaughtered more than 1,200 Israelis and others, mostly civilians, and including women and children, but as genocide against innocent non-Hamas Palestinians.

There are “reasonable grounds to believe” that both Sinwar and Netanyahu bear criminal responsibility for “extermination as a crime against humanity,” Khan wrote in his statement, listing the following war crimes attributed to Hamas: Extermination, murder, taking hostages, rape and other acts of sexual violence, and torture. To Israeli leaders, he attributed the war crimes of extermination, starvation of civilians as a method of warfare, intentionally directing attacks against a civilian population.

“Biden, once again, shows that he is a dithering fool, who is not suited for the Presidency or really for any office,” said a U.S. source. “Both Hamas and Israel have committed crimes against innocent civilians, and deliberately so. In Israel’s case, the head of this genocidal criminal conspiracy is Bibi. He has lied to Israelis and the world about what his true intentions were and are. He is not fighting Hamas. They are only a pretext, and perhaps one that was deliberately set up as a pretext, to launch Bibi, 'The Savior of Israel’s' war against Palestinians and a two-state solution. He is deliberately destroying Gaza, driving it back to the Stone Age, and in so doing, making a key part of the proposed Palestinian state an uninhabitable rubble heap for even decades to come, whose population could not possibly be sustained by the various aid agencies, including UNRWA, even if a ‘normal’ flow of aid were allowed—which is not happening.

“This is a monstrous crime, whose consequence in suffering and death will continue as long as this war continues,” said the source. “And will continue for sure, as long as Bibi remains in power. Biden could have forced the issue. The IDF [Israel Defense Forces] says now it will take at least six more months of fighting to even come close to eliminating Hamas capabilities. They have totally contradicted Bibi on this, who claimed that the ‘last’ fighting forces of Hamas are holed up in Rafah, as his excuse for assaulting this last standing city.

"Don’t take this to mean that the IDF want to continue the campaign,' the source continued. "That’s because it is destroying IDF’s image internationally and its morale internally. But Bibi keeps ordering them to fight on. And then threatens to keep them permanently in Gaza to police his ‘peace of the graveyard’ while sending others to fight and die against a better organized and armed Hezbollah in the West Bank, as part of his genocidal wet dream. So, speaking through Minister Gallant, they said they won’t do this, that they demand a post-war plan that leaves the IDF out of a policing role.

“Then, you have [War Cabinet Minister and former General] Benny Gantz, who opposes Bibi in general, but was suckered into a post Oct. 7 unified ‘war government.’ He threatened to resign if Bibi does not come up with a post-war governance plan for Gaza by June 8. More pressure on Bibi. But as Haaretz editorialized yesterday, Gantz should have just resigned then and there and brought down the government.”

This and other sources and commentators have said that, internally, Bibi has created two states, which are increasingly at war with each other and have opposing outlooks on the world: One, a paranoid, racist, theocratic state, inhabited by crazed and crazy people, who seek the destruction of their neighbors and anybody else who threatens what they refer to as Judea. These people who support Bibi, and like his religious nutcase cabinet ministers Itamar Ben-Gvir (National Security) and Bezalel Smotrec (Finance) and their settlers movements, want to annihilate the Palestinians. 

"Then, there is a Jewish state, Israel, which includes the majority of the population. These people want to live in peace with its neighbors and support a two-state solution of Palestine and Israel."

The violence in this highly unstable situation plays daily on television and in social media. Last week, a man who had lost most of his family, including his children and grandchildren in Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack, was beaten by a gang of religious Jewish thugs for demonstrating in favor of a ceasefire, a return of the living and dead hostages, and an end to a government that opposes these measures.

“Bibi has created a disaster,” said another source. “He is killing Israel. Haaretz editorialized last week, asking on Independence Day, whether Israel would survive to reach its centenary [in 2048]; it answered, not unless Bibi resigns soon or is removed. Don’t count on any help in this regard from Sleepy Joe on this. He could have delivered the hammer. He could have sent [CIA Director William] Burns back to deliver the hammer blow, which Burns favors. Instead, he sent that fool [National Security Director Jake] Sullivan to dither some more. No, the Israelis are going to have to clean up this mess, before it gets worse, with a full Rafah assault. Or maybe Bibi will actually go to the U.S. and will get his ass served with the ICC warrant. Now, that would be something!”

Netanyahu has been invited by Christian Zionist Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) to address the House, and if the man who pushed through the recent military aid package for Israel while criticizing Bibi, [Senate Majority leader] Chuck Schumer (D-NY), agrees, Netanyahu would address the full Congress.

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI), one of the most strident critics of Israel’s conduct in Gaza, said “If Netanyahu comes to address Congress, I would be more than glad to show the ICC the way to the House floor to serve that warrant.”

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