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Bibi Is Greatest Threat to Israeli Security: He Must Go Now!

May 27—There is a growing consensus among U.S. and Israeli intelligence specialists that the greatest threat to Israel’s security and that nation’s future existence is the continuation of the reign of its messianic and bloodthirsty Prime Minister, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu.

With Bibi facing a likely arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity in the conduct of his war, not against the terrorists of Hamas, but against innocent Palestinians, the majority of whom being women and children among the now more than 38,000 reported deaths, with more than double that wounded and maimed; and with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issuing an order May 24 to Israel that it “immediately halt” its Netanyahu-ordered “military offensive, and any other action in the Rafah governorate, which may inflict on the Palestinian group in Gaza conditions of life that could bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part,” there would appear to be a greater urgency for Israel to reach a ceasefire and hostage release agreement in the latest round of talks, slated to begin in Cairo tomorrow. But Israeli-linked sources report that Bibi, who has sabotaged potential agreements in the past, may try to do so again.

Then, on cue, Netanyahu ordered a strike on a target in Rafah where Hamas senior leaders were located, producing disastrous consequences: setting ablaze a tent encampment, killing at least 45 innocent civilians, and likely many more. While Bibi the Butcher called the results a “tragic error” and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) pledged a thorough investigation, the immediate result was that Hamas announced it was pulling out of the Cairo talks. It is not clear when or even if they can begin. Meanwhile, Bibi reaffirmed his commitment to continue IDF operations in Rafah until Hamas is destroyed.

Bibi and those who back him in Israel and in the U.S. have sold the world on the narrative that this war, however ruthlessly they may conduct it, is a justified war of vengeance against the Hamas terrorists who carried out the murderous Oct. 7 attack that killed at least 1,200 innocent Israelis and others and took 240 hostage.

“While the Israelis initially had widespread support for their attack on Hamas in Gaza,” a U.S. based intelligence source said, “the massive deaths of innocent Palestinians as ‘collateral damage,’ shown across all media platforms, have people worldwide demanding that it stop and that those leaders, including Bibi, be held accountable for the uncharacteristic apparent savagery in the Israel Defense Forces operations, and the humanitarian crisis created by its deliberate cutoff of supplies needed to keep the displaced Gazans alive.

“Bibi’s fight was never against Hamas,” said the source, “but against what he perceives as the greater threat to Israel: the possibility of a viable Palestinian state, whose population would, he fears, overwhelm Israel. So he has conducted a military campaign to destroy that possibility, turning Gaza into an uninhabitable rubble heap, for what he hopes will be eternity, while killing as many Palestinians as possible to send a message to the nearly 10 millions diaspora, that they have nothing to return to or for. This is the outlook of a messianic lunatic who sees himself as the savior of Judea and its people. You will never get to peace, or on a pathway toward a real peace as long as he remains in office.”

The source reported that President “Sleepy Joe” Biden could have pushed Netanyahu toward the exit, had he demanded that he reach a ceasefire agreement or face a cutoff of U.S. military aid. But, as is becoming increasingly more evident, Biden is incapable of decisive and complex action, and may even be incapable of anything at all. His main concern is the November election; and while a continuation of the war in Gaza, sources close to the White House report, will doom his chances among especially younger voters, he appears more afraid of a campaign against him by the moneybags of the so-called Zionist Lobby, and its front groups like the American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC).

So the White House delivers a mixed message, urging caution in the attack on Rafah (which it once claimed it opposed), while denouncing the ICC warrants for equating the Israeli crimes in Gaza with the actions of Hamas on Oct 7, and for demanding that those responsible for both be brought to the dock to be tried for crimes against humanity; and then the U.S. claims again that the ICJ order does not, as it does, call for a halt to the IDF Rafah operation.

The new round of negotiations for a cease-fire, now stalled by the IDF attack in Rafah, came about from the work of America’s most able diplomat, CIA Director William Burns who met in Europe last week with his Shin Bet counterpart Ronen Bar. Burns was expected to present at the talks, and is also responsible for keeping the mediators from Egypt and Qatar in the process, after both threatened to walk away earlier this month when Bibi sabotaged what appeared to be an agreement. Now, in the wake of the new Rafah slaughter, there are rumblings again about Egypt pulling out, with Qatari representatives saying that the attack makes any agreement more difficult, if not impossible.

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry condemned “Israeli forces’ deliberate bombing of displaced people’s tents … in a new and blatant violation of the provisions of international law.” Qatar called the strike a “grave violation of international laws that will aggravate the humanitarian crisis in the besieged Strip.” Jordan and Kuwait condemned “war crimes” committed by Israel in Gaza and urged the international community to compel Israel to adhere to the recent decision of the ICJ ordering Israel to stop any operation in Rafah that could threaten civilians.

Burns, sources report, is aware that the leadership of the IDF and the Israeli intelligence services, including the Shin Bet have had their fill of Bibi and his anti-Palestinian crusade. They want the war over yesterday, and have taken to publicly contradicting the Prime Minister about what can still be accomplished by fighting, and how long it might take to totally eliminate Hamas, totally rejecting Bibi’s formerly expressed plan to keep the IDF in Gaza as a police force after the fighting stops.

Now, War Cabinet member and former IDF general, Benny Gantz, who last week threatened to pull out of the government if Netanyahu could not present a viable post-war plan for the governance of Gaza by June 8, has called for the opening of a full judicial inquiry into the events leading up to and around Oct. 7 and the policy and conduct of the war in Gaza, to see who should be held accountable for crimes. The IDF has already been conducting its own inquiry into the events surrounding Oct. 7. Sources have previously reported that Bibi deliberately rejected intelligence in hand that gave him the plan for the attack, thus not allowing countermeasures and therefore assuring that the attack would succeed in giving him a pretext for his genocidal war against Palestinians in Gaza.

“In a well-ordered country, whoever is responsible for a failure like Oct. 7 says, on his own, thank you very much, and leaves” wrote commentator Chaim Levinson in Haaretz May 27. “There’s an old American concept, ‘it’s not done,’ which reflects basic norms. This concept no longer exists, neither in Israel nor in the United States, because the Bibi-ist camp has no basic norms. Netanyahu needs a rotten state because he is the fungus that grows on the rot.”

Two high-profile right-wing pundits posted photos on X comparing the fatal blaze in Rafah to bonfires lit to celebrate the Jewish festival of Lag B’Omer, which was celebrated Sunday evening. One of them captioned their post: “Happy Holidays.” After widespread outrage, both later deleted their posts, reported Haaretz.

“As I said, if they want peace—a peace with some honor that would also lead to a more permanent two-state solution, then the Israelis are going to have to deal with Bibi, said the intelligence source. “They will have the support and whatever help can be given from Burns, if not from the dithering fool in the White House. If an agreement is reached, the military leaders, Gantz, and [Defense Minister Yoav] Gallant will have to put it to Netanyahu, and demand he sign on, or face being frog marched out of the office, as a threat to the continued existence of Israel. They will have to deal with him and then deal with the religious crazies, [Minister of Finance Bezalel] Smotrich and [Minister of National Security Itamar] Ben-Gvir, crooks who should be locked up, who have been engaged in criminal acts with the settler gangs.

“This has to be done soon, or you will have a civil war in Israel, which will help no one. For crying out loud, gangs of Bibi and Ben-Gvir supporters are beating up the families of the hostages! They beat a guy who lost his family, his wife, his son and daughter-in-law, his grandkids, all because he demanded an end to this insane war and a return of the hostages—alive and dead. How much longer can this continue, before the fabric of Israel is ripped apart?”

Yechi Yahoud, the father of siblings Arbel and Dolev Yahoud, held hostage by Hamas in Gaza, said the government gave up on the hostages and is behaving like a guerrilla organization, adding that the hostages’ families “can only count on you, the public, to take to the streets en masse, go out and shout the cry of the hostages,” Haaretz quoted him. Scores of thousands in cities throughout Israel did just that over the weekend, with larger demonstrations planned.

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