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Blinken Delivers Weak Message on Rafah

May 2—The incompetent U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has delivered a weak message to Israel's bloodthirsty Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu in a face-to-face meeting yesterday that he would prefer Bibi not launch his long-expected attack on defenseless Rafah, the last standing Gazan city stuffed with more than 1 million inhabitants, most of whom are women and children—at least not yet. Sources report that Blinken asked for another "week or so" to see if a ceasefire/hostage deal might be finally worked out in a new round of negotiations in Cairo.​

Blinken, stating the absurdly obvious to the killer beast that is Israeli Prime Minister, told the press that an attack on Rafah, which would likely kill tens of thousands of Palestinians in an effort to deal with what intelligence sources say are a mere relative handful of Hamas "fighters" hiding among the innocent civilians, "would not be helpful" to the negotiations.

Then repeating a line that was echoed by Bibi,  Blinken said that a new ceasefire deal was totally up to Hamas, a fact which Hamas denied. A spokesman said that Israelis refuse to make their post ceasefire intentions known about the future occupation of Gaza and who will administer its rule. Hamas has long made it clear that they want a return to civilian rule, with the Israel Defense Force on the ground as overseers. The proposal offered by Egypt offers no clarity on this issue.

Despite Netanyahu's claim that the proposed attack is necessary to finish the job of defeating Hamas, it really has more to do with his plans for the total destruction of Gaza as a place fit for human beings to live. This is the purpose of the entire war, with the murderous Hamas attack Oct. 7 on Israel only a pretext for this war of annihilation against Palestinians, which most of the world, with the U.S. a notable exception, calls an act of genocide.

"The U.S. needed to deliver a clear message to this insane blood and soil racist Netanyahu," said an intelligence source familiar with internal White House discussions. "You go into Rafah, and you risk a break in our relations and a cut off of arms sales. You create a new slaughter, and not only will we not help you deal with a possible International Criminal Court arrest warrant for crimes against humanity, but we will help them serve it. You want to fight Hamas? Not in Rafah. Instead he is placing all his marbles in the game of getting a ceasefire deal. That should happen, but even if it does not happen, you need to give support to those people in Israel who want peace and accept the two state formula. They overlap in many cases with those who want to see the hostages, however many are still alive returned. That group represents the majority if Israelis and they must get Bibi out to end this war. The world needs a strong leader in  the U.S.. Biden needs to stop his old dithering ways. I don't know if he can. Blinken reflects that dithering leadership, that claims to be tough but is as weak as water."

Some of those Israelis who want an end to the slaughter in Gaza and want to see the hostages go free demonstrated outside of Blinken's hotel in Jerusalem last night. You are our hope to free the hostages, they shouted at him. He came out and told them that this is what he was working for. It made for dramatic footage for social media, if nothing else.

Bibi thumbed his nose at all of this. "I will do what is necessary," he said,  "and that includes what we do with Rafah."

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