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Countering the Kissinger's Big Lie That LaRouche Was an "Anti-Semite'

{May 4--The following piece was written by LaRouche Movement leader Dennis Speed at the request of someone participating in the student demonstrations against the Israeli genocide in Gaza. The person reported that she was confronted when she brought up the Oasis Plan for development in the Middle East as the only stable basis for peace that would support the existence of a Palestinian state living in mutual prosperity with Israel, that LaRouche was a notorious anti-semite.

We reprint Speed's response below to counter the efforts of those, who by lies and slander, want to doom the world to Wall Street's reign of death and slaughter.}

Please be advised that anyone circulating  previously widespread slanders against the economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche—specifically, that he, or those associated with him, were ever guilty of “anti-Semitism”—is either 1) ignorant of the truth, or unaware of the police agency origins of this formulation, dating back to the early 70s fifty years ago; 2) honestly mistaken in their conclusions based on a limited sample of what is euphemistically referred to as “documentation;” 3) intentionally and maliciously attempting to prevent the unity of anti-genocide forces that can change American policy in the short term. 

In 1974, 50 years ago, the LaRouche newspaper “New Solidarity” exposed the World Bank’s “redlining” of one billion people in Africa, Asia and Ibero-America—designating them as “the Fourth World.” From that time, there has been a five-decades-old policy of forced depopulation against the people of the “developing sector,”which also includes the Palestinians. The policy, sired in Wall Street and the City Of London, has implemented particularly through the financial policies of the International Monetary Fund, and the “environmentalist” depopulation policies, including war policies of NATO and its agency, the Club of Rome.  This was indicated in the then-classified United States Agency for International Development Document, National Security Study Memorandum-200, “Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests,” otherwise known as “The Kissinger Report,  issued on December 10, 1974. 

It was Lyndon LaRouche‘s personal battle with Henry Kissinger from that time, and particularly from 1975, when LaRouche issued his International Development Bank” policy alternative in conjunction with policy discussions with Southwest Asian nations exploring the prospects for peace— including with sane peace factions in Israel—which caused  LaRouche and his associates to be slandered personally by Kissinger as anti-Semitic.  This escalation against LaRouche went beyond the FBI’s unsuccessful attempt, in 1973, to set LaRouche up for assassination,  Fred Hampton-style, using the Communist Party USA as a front for that failed operation. The LaRouche Oasis Plan of 2024, while duly revised from its original 1975 presentation, is essential in all respects with the proposal offered by LaRouche then. Anyone that in the present circumstance that seriously seeks to promote peace, will find themselves in essential agreement with that proposal—and must expect to be termed “anti-Semitic” by its pro-genocide opponents as a result. 

We declare that we can refute anyone—in the New York City area in particular, or anywhere else—who asserts such slanderous ideas about Lyndon LaRouche’s meticulously documented policies. We further assert that that refutation can be done in any public platform of anyone’s choosing, but must be face to face, even if only through a virtual format. We would be happy to meet and confer with any organization or group of interested individuals that would wish to honestly set the record straight, and set these urgent policies for world reconstruction and war resolution free for discussion. 

Those of us who have lived for 50 years within the constraints of this Anglo-American Intelligence slander, have long believed that we deserve the right, not to defend ourselves, but to offend and expose the dirty criminals that have perpetrated a story that we believe has done more damage to American politics in the last half century, especially with respect manufacturing disastrous, nuclear war-threatening conflict with Russia and China, than any other matter.

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