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LaRouche Explains the Immigration ‘Problem,’ and Offers a Different Solution that Could Work

LaRouche Explains the Immigration

Jan. 28—On April 27, 2006, American statesman and the world’s leading physical economist, the late Lyndon LaRouche (1922-2019), held a private discussion with a number of U.S. constituency leaders, in which he made the following comments on the subject of immigration policy, which are as applicable today as they were 18 years ago.

The context is the Wall Street-driven looting of Ibero-America, collapsing their economies, forcing increasing numbers of desperate people to flee for survival to the U.S. that is ill-equipped under present leadership to handle the influx.

A full transcript of the discussion, under the title “A New Approach to Immigration Policy,” appears in the May 19, 2006 issue of Executive Intelligence Review, pp. 66-67. LaRouche offers an alternative to the “keep them out, kick them out” raving of the present crop of political incompetents, who have not a clue as to the real origins of the problem, as LaRouche explains in this edited transcript.

LaRouche Explains the Immigration

Why not develop both sides of the border, in cooperation between the two governments? That’s the best thing. If there’s no reason to go running back and forth across the border, but simply wandering back to visit relatives and friends, what’s the problem? That’s the only way to do it!

Do two things: Regularize the thing. Do what’s never been done: give the undocumented Mexican a document which allows him to have access to a Mexican consular official for anything relevant. Negotiate status, government to government, through the appropriate institutions. Orient for a long-term solution: developing both sides of the border, economically. We need that. We also know how to do it.

But the political incompetents won’t do that! They want to go on with some of these crazy things. And some of the people who do it are fairly intelligent people, but it shows the disease is spreading, that they get into that wingding.

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