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Will Proposed Ceasefire Deal Force Bibi Out—Finally?

June 9—It is now a little over a week since President “Sleepy Joe” Biden dramatically declared Israel’s bloodthirsty Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu’s genocidal war against Palestinians in Gaza “over,” and offered a 3-phase ceasefire-hostage release/prisoner exchange deal that would ultimately lead to that result, claiming it to be an Israeli proposal. So far, there is still no deal.

Sources say this is not surprising, indicating that the so-called “Biden Plan” and its dramatic announcement is part of an elaborate strategy to force a change in the Israeli government that would lead to the end of Netanyahu’s prime ministership. As these sources report, the only pathway to peace must involve the removal of Bibi, and the clot of lunatic racists, such as Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir and Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich, neither of whom can support the deal.

The next scene in this political drama was to take place last night in a television address, when former general and current War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz is expected to resign from the coalition government. He was to claim that Netanyahu is sabotaging this peace deal, and has no intention of ending the war or bringing home the hostages; he and Gadi Eisenkot, fellow National Unity party who is a coalition member, with observer status in the War Cabinet, were to demand new elections which will demand and end to the war and a deal to return the remaining hostages. But Gantz speech was postponed yesterday

“This is playing out just the way [CIA Director William] Burns figured it would,” said a source before the postponement. “There was no way Bibi could ever really accept the deal, because it essentially changes the terms of his war. The cover for the war was the bloody and murderous Hamas attack on Israel Oct. 7. That was orchestrated by Bibi. Israel knew of Hamas’ plans because they have informants and more inside the Hamas leadership. Hamas is really an Israeli creation, funded and propped up by Israel and Bibi in particular as a block on a two-state solution.

“When he came under legal attack for corruption, and his rule was a few ticks from being over, Bibi callously decided to go for broke. He let Hamas attack, and then went into his Messiah mode, and launched a crusade, using a reluctant IDF [Israel Defense Forces] to launch a Nazi-like campaign to completely destroy Gaza, in a war that would go on ostensibly as long as it takes to wipe out Hamas. That is something that the CIA and Israeli intelligence know is impossible. Because Israel had made Hamas into not just an armed militia, but the civilian government as well, that meant thousands of people who were working for Hamas were not ‘terrorists.’ You can’t kill them all. That’s crazy. It was never about Hamas, but about destroying Gaza to make a two-state solution impossible.

“But in waging his crusade,” the source continued, “Bibi needed to stoke the worst racist tendencies in Israel. He has helped make a segment of the population hopelessly insane with race and religious hatred. He turned Israelis into Nazi-like crusaders against Palestinians but also against Jews who oppose this racism, and now even against the families of the hostages taken by Hamas Oct. 7 who want the war to end and their loved ones, alive and dead, returned. Bibi’s crusade is an unforgivable sin, for which he will not even try to atone. He will never tell the truth.

“So, a couple weeks ago, Burns put together this deal package, which had been on the table before. It got tentative agreement from Hamas people, and Egypt, Qatar, and the Saudis. The deal was presented to Israel’s War Cabinet, where Bibi’s objections were out-voted,” said the source. “The key leverage point is that the IDF feels played and used by Bibi, and wants the destruction and the killing to stop. They run Gantz and his crowd as well as [Defense Minister Yoav] Gallant. They want out of Gaza completely, ASAP.

“The key to the deal is the concept of accepting that Hamas, whose leaders have committed to laying down their arms—or at least some of its leadership has said this—is not going to be annihilated,” the source stated. “As Biden correctly said, they no longer represent a serious threat, which in reality they never were. Oct. 7 could not have happened without Bibi’s help.

“But Netanyahu cannot accept this. He was supposed to announce the plan worked out by Burns last week, but stayed silent. That’s when Burns awoke Sleepy Joe long enough to have him make a speech May 31 to declare the war over. Bibi then claimed that not only was the weak President doing this opportunistically to help his sagging re-election chances, but because Biden aired the proposal without consulting him, it constituted a political move against him personally. Joe Biden hates Benjamin Netanyahu.”

In the week that has transpired since, no deal has been consummated. Hamas has claimed that Israel has submitted language different from the terms released by Biden, as the Israeli deal—changes that say that Israel will continue fighting as it sees fit. Bearing out that language, A June 6 air strike, authorized by Netanyahu, on a UN school, packed with displaced Palestinians, claiming it contained an operational command post for Hamas, killed scores of innocents, including women and children.

Tonight Gantz was to step onto the stage of this deadly play, resign and withdraw his party’s support from the coalition. Even the Degel Ha Torah religious party has said it supports the Biden deal, and will not support the Netanyahu government if it blocks it. That leaves Bibi and the most lunatic of the Kahanists and similar zealots, including Ben-Gvir and Smotrich, who have said they will turn against Bibi if he accepts the Biden “sellout” of Israel.

But like Hitler before him, Bibi is not without surprise moves on this complicated political chessboard. He approved a bloody raid yesterday in central Gaza by an elite Israeli special forces/police counter-terrorism unit that freed 4 hostages taken from the Nova music festival Oct.7, bringing them back to Israel alive. Netanyahu was quick to make the most of this, going to see the freed hostages and their families and claiming that the raid would be celebrated in history as a great victory. With Bibi basking in the glory of his claimed "victory,"  Gantz postponed his speech with no future date set. Hardly reported, except in Haaretz, the great "victory" came at a terrible price for innocent Palestinians in the refugee camp where the prisoners were held: as of this writing, more than 200 Palestinians, including many women and children were killed, with more than 400 wounded; one Israeli, the commander in charge of the operation, was reported killed.

So the destruction and killing grind on; the fate of the majority of remaining hostages remains unknown. “The next hours and days will determine how this plays out,” the source said. “One of the things that Burns had said was that International Criminal Court (ICC) was watching what is happening with the peace negotiations.”

On May 20, ICC’s Prosecutor, Karim Ahmad Khan filed applications for warrants of arrest before its Pre-Trial Chamber for Hamas leaders Yaha Sinwar, Mohammed Diab Ibrahim Al-Masri, and Ismail Haniyeh for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Kahn also asked for warrants of arrest for Benjamin Netanyahu and Yoav Gallant, Israel’s Minister of Defense, for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The world is waiting for those warrants to come down.

The source continued, “Meanwhile, all four top U.S. Congressional leaders have invited Bibi to address a joint session of Congress, but I was told that, at the request of Biden, [Senate Majority leader] Chuck Schumer [D-NY] had the speech put off until July 24. Bibi has accepted, but if things go as some are planning, he might be out of office by then, and facing an ICC warrant."

he hostages freed yesterday, and the others still held, could have walked free, if the Israeli government had signed on to the deal worked out by Burns, without the tremendous loss of life that transpired. Sources reported that the four were considered perhaps the only hostages that could be freed by military action, which is why Netanyahu authorized the raid. "While Bibi wants to encourage the delusion that more can be freed by similar actions," a source reported, "even the hostage families know that this is not likely. So, while the country celebrated the freed hostages, many Israelis were in the streets last night, demanding that the Biden deal' be signed on by Israel, that the war in Gaza end, and all the hostages come home—dead and alive. And, with hostage families leading, they called for an end to this government. Few people are fooled: If there is to be peace, Bibi must go. Only the crazy, violent zealots that listen to Ben-Gvir and Smotrich want the war to continue, and to expand to attack Hezbollah on the West Bank. The raid did not change that. These are strange and dangerous times."

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