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Afro-Inspired House Fusion: KILIMANJARO and Junior Simba Drop Their Breathtaking Single "Channel Z"

In a groundbreaking collaboration that bridges continents and genres, KILIMANJARO and Junior Simba have unleashed their latest single, "Channel Z," on Diplo's esteemed house/techno label, Higher Ground. This musical masterpiece not only marks their first official release together but also celebrates the rich tapestry of African heritage that unites them. Inspired by the majestic Zambezi River, "Channel Z" flows with the spirit of unity, uninhibited expression, and an unspoken connection that transcends borders.

A Musical Journey Across Borders

Hailing from Zambian and Zimbabwean backgrounds, respectively, KILIMANJARO and Junior Simba are two artists who have made waves in the Afro-inspired house and club music scene. "Channel Z" pays homage to the river that separates their homelands, symbolizing the powerful current of creativity and collaboration that flows between them.

Unleashing Uninhibited Expression

"The track is all about finding expression and finding an outlet for internal feelings when you don't have the words for it," explains Junior Simba, shedding light on the creative process behind "Channel Z." Born during a spontaneous studio session, the song captures the raw energy of a moment shared between friends. KILIMANJARO's impassioned vocals merge seamlessly with heavy bass and percussion, creating a mesmerizing call and response that transcends language.

From Friends to Collaborators

While the genesis of "Channel Z" may have been two mates "just messing about in a studio," it soon evolved into something truly special. This collaboration showcases the magic that happens when talented artists come together with a shared passion for music and a desire to break boundaries.

A Busy 2023 for KILIMANJARO and Junior Simba

Although "Channel Z" marks their first official release as a duo, both KILIMANJARO and Junior Simba have been making waves in 2023. Junior Simba graced the airwaves of Rinse FM on KILIMANJARO's program in March, leading to an invitation to support one of his shows at London's legendary club, Phonox.


KILIMANJARO, in particular, has been experiencing a meteoric rise in the global music scene. He's been personally invited by Fred again... to support numerous shows, including their unforgettable Boiler Room stream. This journey led to a sought-after residency at London's Phonox, where he took command of the club for four consecutive weeks in April. His electrifying energy behind the decks has won over fans and industry giants alike, with appearances at major festivals like Glastonbury, Kappa Futur Festival, Circo Loco @ DC10, and Warehouse Project. KILIMANJARO's music has been championed by the likes of Jamie Jones, Pete Tong, Skream, and more. His upcoming shows, including the Ushuaia Closing in Ibiza and the All Night Long show at Village Underground in London on November 3rd, promise to be nothing short of legendary.

Junior Simba's Sonic Fusion

From his roots in Zimbabwe to the vibrant music scene of Leeds, Junior Simba brings a unique blend of influences to the table. Drawing inspiration from Rhumba, Kwaito, and Afro sounds, he effortlessly weaves them into the fabric of house music, drum & bass, Amapiano, and beyond. His musical concoction is a sonic journey that defies categorization, taking listeners on a mesmerizing ride. Junior Simba's talents have earned him acclaim from BBC Radio 1 DJs and Rinse FM, with his release "Precision" earning the prestigious title of Essential New Tune. The Blessed Madonna has named him "One To Watch," and Beatport recognizes his prowess. With performances at Glastonbury and Secret Garden Festival under his belt, Junior Simba continues to captivate audiences, with upcoming appearances at Warehouse Project and Adaptations Festival in Leeds.

In the world of music, boundaries are meant to be crossed, and "Channel Z" by KILIMANJARO and Junior Simba is a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and shared passion. As they continue to make waves in the industry, their music serves as a reminder that when artists come together, magic happens. "Channel Z" is out now, ready to transport you on a musical journey that transcends borders and celebrates unity through the language of music.

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