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Circa Trax Promo (From The Vault): A Celebration of 5 Years of Sonic Excellence

Circa Trax, the renowned record label, is gearing up for a momentous milestone—the release of its 100th record. As they celebrate their 5th anniversary, they've decided to take music enthusiasts on a trip down memory lane by unlocking their vault of cherished tracks. This remarkable collection, aptly named "From The Vault," showcases the label's journey through the years and its commitment to delivering high-quality electronic music to the masses.

From its inception, Circa Trax has been a prominent player in the electronic music scene, known for curating an eclectic roster of artists and consistently pushing sonic boundaries. With their 100th release just around the corner, they decided to give fans a taste of their rich history by sharing some of their all-time favorite tracks.

The Tracks: A Glimpse Into Electronic Music's Evolution

"From The Vault" features a carefully curated selection of tracks that have left an indelible mark on the label's legacy. These tracks are not just musical snapshots but also represent pivotal moments in the evolution of electronic music. Here's a glimpse of some of the standout gems:

  1. "Everybody Wants" - James Curd & Junior Sanchez: A collaborative masterpiece that combines the creative forces of two electronic music giants.
  2. "Mumma" - Jacky & Holmes John: A dancefloor anthem that showcases the label's knack for discovering emerging talents.
  3. "Britney (Eli Bury Edit)" - Paluma: Eli Bury, the label boss himself, lends his magic touch to create an unforgettable edit.
  4. "GW Harrison - Get Into" and "Your Love" - Holmes John & TAYA: These tracks showcase the label's diverse range, from energetic bangers to soulful compositions.
  5. "Them Feels" - Kreature: A journey into the deeper realms of electronic music, showcasing the label's commitment to pushing boundaries.
  6. "My Drunk" - Exit 99: A classic that captures the essence of Circa Trax's early years.
  7. "In This Alone" - Jess Bays: An uplifting anthem that reflects the label's penchant for tracks that touch the soul.
  8. "What’s That Feeling" - Karim Soliman: A testament to the label's dedication to nurturing emerging talents.
  9. "No One" - Daniel Cuda: A track that exemplifies the label's commitment to quality over quantity.
  10. "Situations (JUST2 Remix)" - Latour: A masterful remix that highlights the label's versatility.
  11. "Move Me" - Dilby & Piem: An infectious groove that keeps the dancefloor moving.
  12. "Fluteman" - Eli Bury: Eli Bury's production prowess shines once again with this captivating track.
  13. "Why We Want" - Superlover: A fitting conclusion to the compilation, leaving listeners yearning for more.

Circa Trax: A Journey of Musical Exploration

Circa Trax, under the stewardship of label boss Eli Bury, has carved out a niche for itself in the competitive world of electronic music. The label's commitment to discovering and nurturing talent, combined with its unwavering dedication to musical excellence, has set it apart from the crowd.

Eli Bury, the man behind the label, is not only a successful label boss but also a visionary artist in his own right. His unique edits and tracks, including the captivating "Britney (Eli Bury Edit)," are testaments to his ability to blend classic influences with contemporary production techniques.

As Circa Trax prepares to release its 100th record, "From The Vault" serves as a reminder of the label's enduring commitment to delivering cutting-edge electronic music to fans worldwide. It's a celebration of five years of sonic exploration and a promise of even more exciting music to come.

So, lock in, as Circa Trax's journey continues—it's been a wild ride, and there's no sign of slowing down. With the 100th release on the horizon, fans and music enthusiasts alike can look forward to more groundbreaking tracks and unforgettable moments from this trailblazing label.

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