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DJ Speir's Review: Muzi's "Milk & Honey" and "Light" Singles

When it comes to the fusion of genres and the creation of sonic landscapes that defy easy categorization, Muzi is a singular talent. With the release of his latest singles, "Milk & Honey" featuring The Last Skeptik and "Light," Muzi invites us into a world of vibrant, genre-fluid music that captivates the senses and touches the soul.

"Milk & Honey" - A Holistic Musical Journey

"Milk & Honey" is a track that effortlessly blends the minimalist hip-hop stylings of The Last Skeptik with Muzi's magnetic production. The result is a soft and earthy soundscape that wraps around you like a warm embrace. With warm synths and muted trumpet melodies, Muzi and The Last Skeptik convey a holistic message that resonates deeply: "In a world of excess, in the land of milk and honey, I choose less. I choose my introverted nature. I choose myself." These words reflect a profound introspection, set against a backdrop of mesmerizing music.

"Light" - A Soulful Dedication

On the flip side, "Light" takes us on a spirited house journey. The rolling percussion, shimmering synths, and groovy basslines create an irresistible rhythm that sets the stage for Muzi's soulful vocals. His seamless transition between English and Zulu adds an extra layer of richness to the track. "Light" is a heartfelt dedication to Muzi's late mother, a celebration of the enduring familial values that have guided him on his journey into parenthood. As Muzi himself explains, "'Light' is an ode to my mother, keeping me sane through the darkest times. My light." The emotion embedded in this track is palpable and moving.

The Anticipation for "uMUZI"

As we groove to the beats of "Milk & Honey" and get lost in the soulful vibes of "Light," the excitement for Muzi's upcoming album, "uMUZI," intensifies. The recently unveiled tracklist hints at a diverse and star-studded journey. Featuring the likes of Chris Martin of Coldplay, South African musician Madala Kunene, and The Last Skeptik, "uMUZI" promises to be an exhilarating exploration of musical boundaries.

Muzi's previous work, such as the acclaimed "INTERBLAKTIC," garnered praise from industry titans and music enthusiasts alike, including Zane Lowe, Billboard, Complex, and The Fader. With "Milk & Honey" and "Light," Muzi cements his position as an artist who not only defies genres but also speaks to the heart and soul of his listeners.

As we await the full release of "uMUZI" on October 13th via Fool's Gold Records, let us savor the vivacious energy of "Milk & Honey" and the soul-stirring dedication of "Light." Muzi's music is a testament to the boundless creativity that thrives at the intersection of cultures and genres, and it's an exhilarating journey we're all fortunate to embark upon. Stream these new singles now, and get ready for the musical adventure that awaits with "uMUZI."

Stream Muzi’s vivacious new singles ‘Light’ and ‘Milk & Honey’ out now.

uMUZI Tracklist

1. Zinike

2. eMtunzini

3. Milk & Honey (ft. The Last Skeptik)

4. Problems

5. Light

6. NUF1991

7. Slow Lane

8. Queens (ft. Chris Martin)

9. A Letter To Zeno (ft. Madala Kunene)

10. uUP

11. iGagasi (ft. Abazukulu baMakhoza)

12. Golden Mountain

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