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Is Bibi on His Way Out?

Dec. 3, 2023—Several sources close to Israeli intelligence circles say that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu is on his way out of office, as there is now more than mere suspicion that he was involved in orchestrating the deadly Oct. 7 Hamas attack, which left more than 1,400 Israelis dead and took more than 240 hostages, as an excuse to launch his “final solution” genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza.

Bibi’s political enemies have stayed silent on these charges, as the Prime Minister has demanded total loyalty as he claims, Israel is fighting for its survival. But his government’s total rejection of any serious efforts to bring to an end the murderous attacks by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) that have killed more innocent women and children than Hamas fighters. Those attacks have now resumed, following a seven-day halt to allow for hostage and prisoner exchanges and a modest flow of essential supplies into the besieged Gaza.

But sources report Bibi’s political enemies will not remain silent much longer, as the messianic Netanyahu hurls Israel toward what they fear is its certain moral and likely political and physical destruction, should Israel commit to a permanent military presence inside Gaza, as he has stated is his intention.

These sources say they have the evidence to prove that Israeli agents operate within Hamas itself and that the organization’s power is derived from direct support from Bibi’s government, including financial support. These sources also dispute claims that there was a so-called “intelligence failure” that failed to detect Hamas’ attack in advance but argue that Bibi knew of the attack and chose to allow it to happen, for his own purposes

The sources say that Netanyahu and his allies are behind the leak to the New York Times of a Hamas blueprint for the Oct. 7 attack, which Israeli military and intel sources had in their possession for more than a year! The plan was viewed, according to other leaked emails and correspondence, by top Israeli military figures, including the head of IDF forces on the Gaza border as “improbable” and “beyond the capabilities” of Hamas. There is nothing in the report, published Dec. 1, that says that Bibi saw the report or, if he did see it, what his view of it was. The Hamas attack is then said to be a colossal intelligence failure and is compared to what is alleged to be the failure to detect the 9/11 attack by U.S. intelligence.

But 9/11, like the Hamas attack could only have taken place with complicity of higher ups in the U.S. command, as the late statesman Lyndon LaRouche and other intelligence specialists have insisted. While there is no reason to doubt the stupidities within the IDF command, the sources emphatically state that this was not the only reason why the Hamas attack succeeded. It was allowed to succeed, said one very well-connected source: “The government had the plan. Where did they get it from? From their operatives inside the Hamas. Those operatives knew that Hamas could run such an operation, but for it to succeed, the IDF had to basically stand down. And they did, not just ignoring a warning of an attack, but altering force structures and protocols. And even allowing a music festival to take place, unprotected, within a stone’s throw of the border. If merely normal operations and protocols were followed, the attack were likely to have been much less effective and perhaps even stopped. Ultimately, Bibi is responsible, as that is how he runs his government. He should rot in hell for what he did. And this is going to come out.”

Sane Israeli leaders privately worry that the extreme measures deployed against the Palestinians, which have knowingly slaughtered women and children, have undermined the morale of both the Israel Defense Forces and the nation. As one source, close to leading opposition figures stated, “Bibi has, in the name of an awful and bloodthirsty vengeance, turned Israel into a hated pariah nation. People compare us to the Nazis. How is this possible?”

People such as this source worry that the toleration of anti-Palestinian hatred as espoused by Bibi and the religious zealots and crazies who make up his coalition is breeding a deadly insanity within the population. The Israeli journalist Gideon Levy, writing in Ha’aretz Nov. 23 cites evidence of this growing insanity in Israeli politics, which he attributes to the failure of the Israeli people to yet rise up against the Nazi-like extermination policies against Palestinians in Gaza. He reports on the proposal made in an article in Yedioth Ahronoth by the respected former military leader Giora Eiland, that it would be a good idea for Israel to promote a deadly epidemic in Gaza. “After all,” said Eiland, the former head of the IDF's Operations and Planning Division, who also headed the National Security Council, “severe epidemics in the southern Strip will bring victory closer and reduce fatalities among IDF soldiers.” Calling this proposal “evil in plain sight,” Levy observes that Eiland has "made a Nazi proposal and no storm broke out.”

“Monstrousness has become correct, diabolism has penetrated the centre and even left of centre,” Levy writes. “Another war or two, and everyone will be Kahane (referring to the religious zealot who advocates the slaughter of the Palestinians and all who support them against the Jewish state).... A society that so disregards reality and is so indifferent to the suffering of the nation it declared war on raises moral mutations like Eiland. You can be sure he thinks his suggestion isn’t in any way tainted, all he did was make a reasonable suggestion that serves Israel’s interest. What other consideration is there, anyway, except Israel’s interest? International law is for the weak, morality for the philosophers, humanism for the bleeding hearts. And really, what’s wrong with a plague in Gaza? Only one thing: it could infect Israel too. In fact, it already has.”

Despite this, there is still a majority of Israelis who disagree with Netanyahu and believe that it is possible to peacefully co-exist with Israel’s neighbors including the Palestinians. Peace is possible, as the majority of Israelis support peace and development, and a two-state solution. But it cannot happen as long as Netanyahu rules Israel. Sane Israelis, with the support of peace-loving people everywhere, must take the steps to remove the Butcher of Gaza from office, now.

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