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Bow Wow Calls Out the Music Industry: "Stop Pushing That BS on Us!"

Bow Wow, the renowned artist formerly associated with So So Def, has voiced his concerns about the prevailing trends in the music industry. In a series of candid tweets on October 16, he lamented the lack of artist development and the detrimental impact of current mainstream music on Hip Hop.

Bow Wow's critique began with a call for record labels to invest more in nurturing their artists. He tweeted, “Can we please bring back artist development at these labels. Do these labels even care about these artists? Y'all be throwing them on platforms knowing they're not ready. A boxer is trained and taught before battle. We just keep throwing these subpar ass artists out here with no proper teaching."

He went on to highlight several emerging artists, including Symba, West Side Boogie, Lady London, and Lola, who he believes are deserving of more attention and support. Bow Wow expressed his frustration with the industry's current trajectory, urging labels and artists to prioritize quality over quantity. He added, “Stop pushing that bs on us! The fans are waking up, and hip hop is about to change for the better."

In a particularly pointed comment, Bow Wow criticized some of the top-charting rappers for their lack of clarity in interviews and their substandard stage presence. He emphasized the importance of authenticity and professionalism, stating, "We gotta clean this shit up. Get better or get tf out the way.”

Earlier this year, Bow Wow had commented on the noticeable absence of Hip Hop albums and singles from the top of the charts. In an interview during the 2023 BET Awards in Los Angeles, when asked about Hip Hop's lack of representation on the Billboard 200 and the Hot 100 charts, Bow Wow attributed it to the decline in the quality of music being produced. He remarked, “'Cause n-ggas puttin’ out trash-ass music. Everything sound alike, everything repetitive... you really gotta have talent."

Bow Wow's recent comments reflect a growing sentiment among artists and fans alike, calling for a return to authenticity and originality in the music industry.

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