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Diane Sare Speaks at Special Musical Operation at United Nations Plaza in NYC

Sept. 22, 2023 (EIRNS)—Diane Sare, independent candidate for U.S. Senate from New York, delivered her remarks to the Special Musical Operation International Peace Day celebration on Sept. 21, 2023:

Diane Sare: Thank you. After this, please be ready to sing Lift Every Voice and Sing.

I am Diane Sare. I am an independent candidate for U.S. Senate and we are here for International Peace Day, which was agreed upon in 1981, the first one was in 1982, following a very large, 1 million person march in June in Manhattan, against nuclear weapons. And I would like to say, for the record and for truth, that war is notthe natural state of mankind. If it were the natural state of mankind, we would have been born with very long claws and sharp teeth, and thick fur, and big ears, and have been able to fight. We were not born to do that: We are human beings, and as the poet Friedrich Schiller said in his poem The Artists, “You were born for that which is better.”

Now, the demonstration in 1982 was about stopping nuclear weapons, banning nuclear weapons. After the Japanese surrendered, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, on the battleship Missouri, who had not been consulted—he was told not very long before the nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan, because they were already negotiating the terms of surrender.

And when he saw the devastation caused by those bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he said, mankind must come up with a better way to resolve conflict: That if we do not figure out how to solve our differences without war, then Armageddon is upon us. And that he said, what is needed is a spiritual recrudescence, that the brilliant progress of science had somehow outpaced the progress of human culture and morality. We seem to be at that place today.

Now, just because of where we are, I would like to share a little story, which many of you may know, which is the story of Solomon: Because in this proxy war with Russia, at least half a million people have died. And we have members of Congress who are very happy to make a lot of money in their stock in Raytheon, and Lockheed-Martin, and Boeing, and they don’t care what the results are on the ground.

There was a very wise king named Solomon; people here may have heard of Solomon. And two women came to Solomon, fighting over a baby. And both women were screaming, “The baby is mine! The baby is mine!” So Solomon said: “I don’t know who is telling the truth. Let me take out my sword, and cut this baby in half.” And one of the women said, “No! Spare the child’s life. She can have the baby!” And Solomon knew by that response, who was the true mother of the child.

To continue to demand that weapons be poured into a conflict, which is clearly not going to be resolved in that way, belies something that is not totally sincere and in keeping with the general welfare of mankind. I learned, there is something careening in our direction which may allow all of us to solve all of this, which is an asteroid. An asteroid, named Bennu, apparently could be headed on a direct trajectory with our planet in the year 2182. Now, it’s not quite as big as the asteroid that killed all the dinosaurs. This asteroid would only wipe out an area the size of Texas. But, I thought, how fortunate that an asteroid is headed our way which could potentially wipe out huge amounts of the human race, because, maybe, Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin, and all these other companies, and these companies in Russia and Ukraine, and India and Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates, and Argentina, could put their best scientists to work, figuring out how to stop Bennu from smashing into our planet in the year 2182. And, as a little crumb for some of the silly people in the Congress who want to make money, probably, Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin, and all those companies, could make a lot of money figuring out how to stop the asteroid from hitting our planet, and it would be a much better use, than figuring out how to kill people all over the world.

So, I would like to thank everyone for being here. We must do better. Mankind must become better. We must hold our elected officials responsible. We must remember the words of General MacArthur: “There are no survivors in a nuclear war.” We have it in our power to bring about the annihilation of everything on Earth that we hold dear. And when we get a little too angry and a little too out of control and do gigantic drills all over, the risk of even an accident is high.

So we are here, because, like Schiller, and his admonition to the Artists, and why we are joined by great artists and musicians, is that we believe mankind can be better, and we are committed to that spiritual recrudescence that General MacArthur urged we need, to prevent our own annihilation. Thank you

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