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Did Bibi Organize the Slaughter of Opponents as He Launches Nazi Depopulation Campaign vs. Palestinians?

Oct. 30—New information has come to light from sources in Israel that raises the question of whether the corrupt Nazi-like would-be dictator of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu, cruelly targeted opponents as would-be victims of the October 7 attack by Hamas.

Sources in Israel report the Israeli targets of the Hamas attack were residents of kibbutzim who were overwhelmingly liberal opponents of Netanyahu, who were supporters of improving conditions for Palestinians, and who favored a two- state solution. It is well known, and now widely reported in Israel and elsewhere, that Netanyahu had built up Hamas, including with money, as an opposition to the Palestinian Authority and as a means to delay and ultimately prevent such a two-state solution. Less widely known but also reported by Israeli intelligence sources, is that Hamas, including its leadership, is heavily penetrated by agents and informants for the Mossad and Shin Bet.

The overwhelming majority of those killed and injured in the Oct. 7 attacks were opponents of Netanyahu and likely supporters of the just Palestinian cause, seeking a peaceful solution to the crisis.

In this space, it has previously been reported that it is the assessment of a significant number of intelligence specialists, including many Israelis, that the October 7 cross-border attack by Hamas that killed more than 1,400 Israelis, many savagely, and that took more than 200 hostage, could not have happened without the connivance and even orchestration by the corrupt Netanyahu and his operatives in the Israeli intelligence services and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The sources assert that rather than a “massive intelligence failure,” enabling the attack to succeed in evading Israeli screens and avoiding prompt counter-response, those screens were either not in place or brought down, in a manner similar to the way certain high-level personnel in the U.S. political, intelligence, and military command allowed the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. The same sources say that at least some people in the current U.S. command “green-lighted” Netanyahu’s cruel game.

Just as 9/11 unleashed a series of geopolitical endless wars, the Hamas attack has now unleashed a genocidal war of depopulation directed against the Palestinians, targeting women and children, even more than Hamas. The manifestly corrupt and satanic Netanyahu’s intention to massively reduce, or even eliminate altogether, the Palestinian population in Gaza, treating them in much the same way as Hitler treated the Jews, and thus making a future Palestinian state moot, has Bibi was already the target of massive demonstrations demanding his resignation over his unconstitutional efforts to eviscerate the Israeli Supreme Court, which included many members of the IDF. Now his actions to slaughter innocent Palestinian women and children in Gaza have provoked new demonstrations against him in Israel and worldwide.

Netanyahu, referring to the alleged “intelligence failure,” has said there will come a time when all the questions about the events surrounding the Oct. 7 attacks will have to be answered, but that time is not now, “when we are at war with evil.” But it is precisely now that his likely crimes against humanity must be investigated, so that he may be removed as Prime Minister and his blood-lust-driven killing spree halted.

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