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Did Hamas Use U.S. Weapons Bought From Ukraine with Bibi's Money?

Oct. 31, 2023—Well-informed intelligence sources have speculated, based on their knowledge and information, the that Oct. 7 Hamas cross-border attack that killed more than 1,400 Israelis, many savagely and which took more than 200 hostage, may have been equipped with American weapons sold to them by corrupt elements of the Ukrainian government. They further state that it were likely that the purchases were made with money supplied to Hamas by the government of Israel’s would-be dictator, Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu.

There is much evidence to support such a supposition, which if investigated and proven true, could alter the course of events in Israel, as well as help strengthen the already strong opposition in Congress to continue flowing weapons and funds from the U.S. to the lost war in Ukraine.

It has long been suspected that corrupt elements associated with the Nazi-supported Ukrainian government of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy have been siphoning off U.S. weapons and munitions and selling them to anyone with cash, in what some are calling the world’s largest arms bazaar. Various “terrorist” organizations, including Hamas, as well as drug cartels from Ibero-America, have been taking advantage of this operation, which has made many Ukrainian officials rich.

Sources report the situation had become so outrageous a few months back, that U.S. officials demanded a shake up in the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, thought to be the center of the illegal arms sales. Such a shake-up, without explanation, did in fact take place several months ago. However, the sources report, the arms sales have continued almost unabated and Hamas is said to be among the buyers, through third-party agents.

It is widely known, and even admitted by Bibi, that he authorized and supported funding the Hamas, building them up in Gaza as opposition to the Palestinian Authority. In that way, he sought to effectively delay any motion toward a two-state solution, which he opposes.

Now, after the bloody Oct. 7 raid, he has embarked upon a policy of genocide against the Palestinian population in Gaza, demanding the extermination of his former tool, Hamas. Some of the same intelligence specialists who are sources about the Ukraine-Hamas arms sales, also say that the Oct. 7 raid required and received the complicity of the Netanyahu government and the Israeli command in bringing down normal security screens. The attack, they also say, likely was green-lighted by elements of the Biden Administration, who continue to urge funding of the slaughter in the Ukraine.

Republican party leadership, including newly installed Speaker of the House Michael Johnson (R-LA), have told the Biden White House that they support aid for Israel’s vengeance war against Palestinians but only if it is separate from any request for continuing aid to Ukraine. Today, Speaker Johnson submitted a separate bill for aid to Israel for $14.3 billion (which is funded by decreasing the budget for the IRS). He has yet to mark up any bill for Ukraine aid, despite urging from President Joe Biden, to put the White House’s proposed $100 billion package which would include aid for Israel, support for a military buildup against China, and for security for the U.S. border with Mexico.

It is widely believed that there is already close to enough opposition to Ukraine funding to defeat the White House’s $60+ billion request. Speaker Johnson has said he intends to demand a statement on the purpose of the aid, and if the White House believes that Ukraine can win. He has demanded an accounting of where all the previous aid went, asking for Ukrainian accountability.

Congress should indeed demand an investigation into siphoning of such aid, for arms sales to third parties for the personal profit of Ukrainian officials, and of the charges that some of these weapons went to Hamas.

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